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Perkie's Observations: Nina Interferes With Charlotte and Lulu on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Michelle Stafford

James Patrick Stuart, Michelle Stafford

Julian spots Kim with Drew and leaves. The two thank Liz and Franco for their support. Kim mentions the wedding, but Franco says it's postponed because of Kiki's death. Liz mentions Aiden's bullying and Kim commiserates with her.

Carly and Sonny stop by the home to visit Mike, who's spending time with Yvonne. Mike has an episode and forgets that Sonny is his son. Carly manages to snap Mike out of it. CarSon enjoy watching Mike and Yvonne together.

Marcus complains to Stella about Mike and his wife. Stella asks why he wants to deny Yvonne a friendship. Curtis and Jordan run into Stella. Jordan admits she tried to find Marcus for Stella, and apologizes for overstepping.

Liz tells Cam to go home and babysit, but he has plans to get weed for Oscar.

Nina plans to move out of Wyndemere. Valentin does his best to have her stay put, claiming it's safer there. Valentin says he'll never stop trying to win her back.

Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte is bullying Aiden. Lulu mentions the problems she's having with Nina. Lulu decides to head to Wyndemere to deal with this.

Alexis stops by to take Kristina out, but she says she has to work all night. When Julian returns, he angrily snaps at Kristina. Alexis sticks up for her, but then Julian fires her. Alexis confronts Julian, who rehires Kristina, but refuses to tell Alexis what's bothering him.

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Kim finds out that Julian hired someone to clean her apartment and buy her groceries. Drew says he'll hold down the fort if she wants to go and see Julian. Kim goes to the pub and thanks Julian. The two share a hug, which Alexis sees.

Lulu gets to Wyndemere and tears a strip off of Nina for interfering in her disciplining of Charlotte. Nina's answer is the parents of the other child should toughen him up. Lulu says the other child is Aiden.

Lulu and Valentin confront Charlotte, who claims it's all Aiden's fault because he doesn't behave normally. Lulu tells Charlotte she's hurting Aiden and she wants her to be kind.

Laura stops by to see Liz. She finds Cam babysitting and making "brownies". Laura asks for help with Aiden. Cam says Aiden is different and he knew he would get picked on, but promises to be kinder.

Franco eats some of the special brownies before taking them to the bake sale.

Nina decides she's staying at Wyndemere to protect Charlotte from Lulu's parenting.

Lulu and Charlotte show up at Liz's.

Marcus gets back to the home as Mike and Yvonne are about to kiss under the mistletoe.