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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Reed Mows Down Meemaw!

Tristan Lake Leabu

Tristan Lake Leabu

Reed/Nikki/Charlie: Child, just when you thought the Newman and Ashby families have been through it all, more drama comes their way. Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) decides to get drunk over his girlfriend problems and tries to drive himself home. Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) vetos this idea and drives the lad home himself on his suspended license. While the duo is heading to the Ashby home, they encounter a snow storm. Meanwhile Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), who is a bit tipsy from secretly drinking at the Jabot party, steps into the road during the storm . . . and is hit by Reed! 

The boys wonder if they've hit anyone, but don't stop or see Reed's meemaw. They decide to keep going, leaving Nikki in the snow. Look for Nikki's status to be dicey at the hospital. Reed will discover who the culprit is who got his grandmother laid up.

Sharon: The coffeehouse maven (Sharon Case) rallies the Newmans to celebrate Christmas in Nikki's honor because it's the matriarch's favorite time of the year.

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