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Perkie's Observations: Mike and Yvonne Make a Getaway on General Hospital

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Max Gail, Janet Hubert

Max Gail, Janet Hubert

Lulu tells Liz that Charlotte is the one bullying Aiden and she's there to apologize to him. Lulu says Charlotte was trying to teach Aiden to fit in.

Charlotte apologizes to Aiden, claiming she was just kidding. She asks for him to accept her apology and gets annoyed when he's not quick to do it. After Liz's prompting, Aiden accepts Charlotte's apology.

Lulu and Laura both tell Charlotte they are proud of her and it's important to take responsibility.

Mike and Yvonne almost kiss, but Marcus angrily stops them. Sonny breaks up the group argument. Marcus says it's unacceptable. Yvonne claims she doesn't know who Marcus is. Mike tries to comfort her.

Marcus tells Sonny that Mike is manipulating the situation to his advantage because he wants Yvonne for himself. Carly asks for compassion. Marcus says he only has it for his wife. He takes her aside to show her photos of them when they were younger.

Sonny and Carly try to explain to Mike that his friendship with Yvonne is going too far, and it hurts her husband. Carly tells Mike to remind Yvonne that she's married. Carly and Sonny apologize again to Marcus, saying they didn't know how far things had gone.

Joss runs into Franco, who has the brownies. He tells her Cam said they were for the Drama Club bake sale. Joss says there is no bake sale and Cam isn't in the Drama Club.

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Cam's there when Oscar wakes up from his nap. The two make nice before Joss shows up. She tells Cam that Franco has the brownies.

Cam meets up with Franco, who says he knows there was no bake sale. Cam makes up a story about a girl and he thought there was a bake sale, but baked the brownies for nothing. Cam gets another text from the dealer, who wants his money. Cam runs out, leaving his phone behind. Franco sees the texts.

Liz tells Aiden he can tell her whenever anything is going wrong because she wants to know what's bothering him. She promises that everything will be okay.

Charlotte tells Laura and Lulu she isn't the only one bullying Aiden, and there are others. Aiden plays an online game and loses. Then, the computer tells him he's a loser.

After taking Danny to drop off Toys for Tots, Jason ends up at Sam's. Sam's constantly checking her phone, so Jason asks why she seems flustered. Sam explains that her con past is catching up to her and someone is trying to track her down.

Jason reassures Sam that she isn't that person anymore and whoever is behind this is just trying to mess with her head. Sam swears she won't be controlled by this. Sam gives Jason a stocking from Danny that says "daddy" on it. She asks what he wants for Christmas. Jason says he wants to spend the day with her. The two kiss.

Sonny, Carly, and Marcus get upset when Mike and Yvonne go missing from the home.

Cam heads to the meet and finds he's missing his phone.

Franco goes home and tells Liz there is something he needs to tell her about Cam.