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Perkie's Observations: Carly Frets About Sonny and Margaux on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Steve Burton

Laura Wright, Steve Burton

Sonny gets a call from Margaux because she found Mike and Yvonne at a jazz club downtown. Sonny and Marcus go to pick them up. Yvonne claims not to know her husband. Marcus tells Margaux and the police that he wants Mike arrested for kidnapping.

Sonny says Mike is not in his right mind, but Marcus feels Mike is a danger to Yvonne. He takes Yvonne back to the facility. Sonny warns Mike that Yvonne can't be taken out of the home, and Mike apologizes.

Cam is taken to the PCPD where he swears to Liz and Franco that he had no criminal intent. Alexis is called in as his lawyer. Cam explains how and why he tried to buy the pot. He swears he was trying to do good and hugs his mother.

Alexis heads out to speak with the judge. Liz tells Cameron that the pot could have interacted with Oscar's treatment and made things worse. When Alexis returns, she tells them that Cam will have to appear before the judge who will decide Cam's punishment. She says he's being released to Liz and he has to be on his best behavior.

Kris storms into Sam's place. She tells her she humiliated herself by trying to kiss someone who wasn't interested. Then, she yells at Sam for not being with Jason. Sam says she needs to be sure about herself before anything can happen with Jason.

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Valentin asks Nina to have dinner with him while they're in front of the fireplace. She accepts and the two reminisce about their relationship. Nina goes in for a kiss, but Valentin backs off, making her question why. Valentin says he's being a gentleman, but Nina feels he won't hurt her again. (Because she's just that stupid. Or horny.)

Nina says she doesn't deny loving him and he's made her the happiest she's ever been. She says she's happier with him in her life and the two make love.

Carly tells Jason she thinks Sonny will hook up with Margaux and she won't take him back if he does. She says Sonny is always attracted to weaker, fragile women. Jason is sure it won't happen, but if it does, she has him to help her through it. Jason asks her to be patient because Sonny is dealing with a lot with his father.

Alexis goes to Sam's and tells Kris that Cam was arrested. She asks if Kris gave Cam and Joss the idea to get the pot. She gets upset with Alexis.

Margaux convinces Marcus not to press charges against Mike. She calls Sonny and lets him know. Sonny says he owes her.

Sam gets a response from from her stalker that says, "I want to help you."