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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Finds a Loophole on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Michael Easton, Briana Nicole Henry, Kathleen Gati

Finola Hughes, Michael Easton, Briana Nicole Henry, Kathleen Gati

Valentin and Nina wake up in the afterglow of the morning after. Nina worries that she's late for a meeting with Maxie, but doesn't really care. Nina says she has Sasha to thank for bringing them together and Valentin for bringing her Sasha.

Maxie tells Peter that Liesl is being transferred to Pentonville. Maxie admits that Liesl deserves to go, but understands she acted out of grief for Nathan. Maxie says Nathan would not want his mother to go to prison.

Family gathers at the Corinthos compound for a naming ceremony for baby Wylie. Julian shows up, unaware of the situation. He's come to pick up Avery for Ava. CarSon are quick to try and shut it down, saying Ava is in no condition to be with Avery.

Avery shows up. Carly asks if she wants to go and see her mother. When Avery says yes, the Corinthos allow Julian to take her.

Willow and Chase have a breakfast date at Charlie's. The two talk about their past Christmases. Willow says she's not close to her family.

Finn and Anna are at the station waiting for Liesl's transport to Pentonville. Liesl gets angry that Nathan is dead and Peter was never punished. Peter arrives saying he wants to make a new statement.

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Peter says he can't remember what happened and can't trust his memories. He claims Liesl cared for him and kept him alive. He signs a statement to have Liesl released. Anna asks why. Peter says he's spent his life around hatred and he wants to live differently.

Peter says Maxie has shown there is room for forgiveness and he wants to be the man Nathan would want him to be. Anna asks if there is forgiveness for her and invites Peter to a Christmas party.

Nina wants everyone together for Christmas Eve now that she and Valentin are back together. Valentin says he wants a new beginning without lies and is about to tell her the truth about Sasha.

Valentin gets a call from Liesl telling him that Peter recanted and now she's a free woman. Liesl says she'll keep Valentin's secret. Valentin doesn't tell Nina the truth and says he's not letting her go now that they're back together.

Julian brings Avery to the pub to wait for the nanny to pick her up. Avery runs into Chase and Willow, who make small talk with the child. Julian and Willow see each other and have a look of recognition.

Willow reacts when she sees a photo that Julian has of Wylie and Lucas.

Liesl joins Maxie and tells her that Peter recanted, allowing her to be released. Maxie talks about losing Nathan and mentions that Michael's baby was stillborn. Liesl reacts to the news.