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Perkie's Observation: Monica Shares the Spirit of Christmas on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson

Leslie Charleson

It's Christmas Eve in Port Charles . . .

Lucas and Wylie head to Casa Corinthos. Mike tells Sonny that he's waiting for Yvonne to show up. Joss gets angry with Jason for not telling her that Oscar was sick. Jason says he promised Oscar, so Joss apologizes.

Kim and Drew festivate (what? it's a word!) in Oscar's hospital room. They give him the keys to a car for Christmas. Monica stops by to get Oscar to do the reading of the Christmas story. Oscar runs into a sick child who's concerned Santa won't find her.

Bobbie tells them the Santa suit isn't usable. Oscar insists they need to have a Santa. Drew reaches out to Sonny, who apparently has Santa suits lying around.

Stella, Curtis, and Jordan head to Anna's for her party. Anna is surprised when Peter shows up. He says Maxie convinced him. Jordan tells Stella what happened with Mike and Yvonne. She decides to head out to check on him.

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Anna and Peter hang out wrapping gifts. Anna gives him a flash drive with her WSB file. She doesn't want any more secrets between them. Maxie runs into Chet at the hospital. He says he's alone for the holidays, so she brings him to Anna's party.

Willow comes to the pub to confront Julian about knowing she was original baby Wylie's mother. (Raise your hand, all of you who figured it out. All of us? Alrighty then!). Julian says he didn't bribe or threaten her. He commends her for putting her baby's needs first. Willow thinks the baby should get to know her. Julian says Wylie is better off now.

Julian shows Willow photos of Wylie. Julian explains why he's not allowed to be in the baby's life.

At Casa Webber, Cam's writing an apology letter for the judge. Cam explains to his brothers how they should always turn to their mother for help. Later, Aiden asks Cam how to get people to like him. Cam tells him he needs to like himself first. The Webbers head out to the hospital reading.

Willow heads to the bereavement group. Then, she gets a text from Chase asking her to Anna's party. Michael runs into her and she tells him she really doesn't want to go to the party. Michael convinces her to go to the meeting with him.

Monica reads to the kids and Santa Bobbie gives out the gifts.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!