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Perkie’s Observations: Liesl Confronts Nelle on General Hospital

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Kathleen Gati

Kathleen Gati

Laura tells Carly that she thinks something is wrong with Kevin's mental health. Carly agrees, saying he's been distracted and detached. Laura explains that Kevin had a psychotic break the last time he was dealing with Ryan and worries it's happening again.

Ryan stops by Ferncliff to taunt Kevin, happy that he's pulling this off. Kevin asks about Laura. Ryan says he had to put distance between them and that he's divorcing her. Ryan says Laura is safe for now, but needs Kevin to fill in some gaps in his knowledge, for Laura's safety.

Joss gives Oscar a Christmas present, a 5-year planner, where she's filled in the first year with the events that they will do. Oscar admits that he would like his parents to be together

Liesl pays Nelle a visit in jail to ask where her baby is. Liesl says she helped deliver a healthy baby and was surprised to hear that the baby died. At first Nelle lies, insisting that she's grieving her dead baby, but Liesl refuses to believe it.

Nelle says Michael won't believe anything Liesl tells him. Liesl counters that she'll simply suggest they do a DNA test on the dead baby. Liesl demands to know where the baby is and for Nelle to prove she didn't kill him.

Nelle finally admits the truth and that the baby is with Brad and Lucas. She begs Liesl to keep the secret and let the baby stay with Brucas. Liesl agrees, but warns she'll use the info when she needs to.

Michael runs into Willow and the two talk about their last grief session and how she finally opened up about giving up her son. Willow explains that she had to give him up but dreams about holding her son.

Michael counters that he also dreams about Jonah and his arms feel empty. Michael mentions his godson and how holding Wylie makes him feel better. Willow is shocked to hear that Michael's godson is Wylie.

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Griffin and Anna stop by Kiki's and find Ava putting her things in boxes. Ava gets angry with Griffin saying he stole Kiki away from her. Ava dares him to stay and watch her pack her daughter up. Anna asks if there is someone they can call for her as Ryan arrives. Ryan takes Ava away.

Lulu tells Laura that she snooped at the PCPD and found out there are similarities between the two murders and believes there is a pattern. Carly overhears and thinks there is a serial killer out there. Carly thinks the killer isn't finished.

Ned happens by so the women confront him about this. Ned admits that police suspect there may be a serial killer, but doesn't want the public to know yet. He's worried about panic until it's confirmed.

Lulu warns she's going to spill the beans, which upsets Ned. Olivia tells Lulu to write about the good things instead.

Drew and Kim discuss the trial, since they're in the last week of it. Kim hopes it worked. Drew says if it didn’t, they will spend as much time as possible with Oscar.

Joss goes to Julian and tells him to break up with Kim so that Kim and Drew can be together which is what Oscar wants. Julian says he's not walking away from Kim, that she needs him. Joss accuses him of being selfish, that Drew, Kim and Oscar need to be a family in the time they have left.

Kevin worries about Laura's safety. He remembers that Ryan asked him to fill in gaps in his knowledge. Kevin realizes how he can protect Laura. (I'm guessing he'll give Ryan false information, which if he does, way to go Kevin!)

Ryan seeks out Carly and tells her that he has information on her neighbor at Ferncliff. He says the patient's name is Wilson Ritter and that he's done some unspeakable crimes. Ryan tells her to put Ferncliff behind her.

Ned admits that they have no suspect in the murders. Laura feels the public has a right to know what's going on. Ava overhears and tells Ned that he needs to find the killer, or she will.