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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Gets a Sneak Peek of His Documentary on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom, John Patrick Jordan

Jon Lindstrom, John Patrick Jordan

It's time for New Year's Eve in Port Charles . . .

Emma's in town for a visit with Anna. She offers her condolences to Griffin. After he leaves, Emma gives Finn and Anna key chains as a Christmas gift. Anna and Finn have a talk about him moving in, but then Finn suddenly takes off. Finn returns later with Roxie and his things.

Sonny plans on taking Carly out to the city to let her know how much she means to him. Jason says Carly has a problem with Margaux, but Sonny says he doesn't. Margaux shows up and wishes them a Happy New Year.

Jason mentions that Margaux gave Drew the flash drive, which surprises Sonny. Sonny questions her. She admits it was wrong to hold the flash drive hostage. The murders come up. Sonny asks about the serial killer angle. Margaux denies there is one. Sonny offers his help in finding Kiki's killer.

Drew tells Kim to go out with Julian to celebrate. Kim says Julian told her to stay at the hospital instead.

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Laura picks Felicia's brain about Kevin's last breakdown. Felicia says she gave an interview about Ryan for a documentary.

Ryan finds someone waiting for him in his office. Peyton Mills is doing a documentary on "Ryan's" original killing spree and wants follow-up information from "Kevin". Ryan heads over to the studio to watch the raw footage and is not happy with Felicia's interview.

Ryan wants some changes made. Peyton says he went to the site where Ryan died and no DNA was ever found. Peyton wonders if Ryan may have survived and is now walking amongst us.

Lulu's article on a possible serial killer comes out. Laura runs into Griffin at the hospital and asks if he's seen the article. Griffin says he was coming to talk to Kevin about it. He admits to Laura he wants to catch whoever killed Kiki.

Jason runs into a man from Drew's past who initially mistakes him for his brother. Hank says he knew Drew in Afghanistan. The two play pool. Hank gives Jason his number for Drew to contact him.

Jason heads over to the hospital to give Drew the heads up.