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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gets a New Year's Surprise on General Hospital

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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

New Year's Eve celebrations continue . . .

Ned and Olivia are hosting a fundraiser for pediatric cancer research at the Metro Court. Michael brings Kristina as his plus one. They run into Valerie, who is frosty with Kristina. Michael picks up on it. Chase and Willow come as a pair.

Julian pays Kim a visit at the hospital, but she insists he go to the fundraiser. At the fundraiser, he tries to make nice with Sam, who in turn, is her usual biatch-self to her father. Alexis tells Julian to go back to the hospital because she's certain Kim wants to be with him tonight.

Drew tells Kim about the mysterious Hank and how he's not sure he wants to contact him. Kim says it might shed some light on another part of Drew's past, but he wants to focus on the here and now.

Drew asks if they ever spent the holidays together. Kim reminisces they were together during the holidays, but he shipped out on New Year's Day. Kim says this is when Oscar was conceived.

Kim says his mission was classified and she had no way of letting him know. She says she had to make all the parental decisions alone. Drew says she's not alone anymore and the two share a kiss, which is witnessed by Julian. Later, Drew and Kim agree the kiss meant nothing. She calls Julian, but he doesn't answer.

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Jason explains to Sam about his encounter with Hank. He admits something doesn't feel right.

Scott offers Laura his condolences on her broken marriage. Laura says she knows "Kevin" and Ava are sleeping together. Scott doesn't like it either.

Ryan heads over to Ava's and finds her working on a list of resolutions. The first on her list is to drink less. The second is to not care what others think of her. And the third is to put distance between herself and Avery, so she doesn't get hurt as well.

Ryan says he'll be here to help her mourn, but then she'll move past it and become the woman she deserves to be. Ryan says they'll move forward together.

Curtis has plans to meet with Peyton, the producer, the next day. Ryan has Peyton's phone and changes the meeting time to tonight, forcing Jordan to go to the fundraiser on her own. When Curtis gets there, he finds a bunch of blood, but no Peyton.

Ned asks Jordan about Lulu's article. He says only the PCPD knew about a possible serial killer, and asks if there is a leak in the department. Jordan admits she lets Lulu hang out at the station because she's Dante's wife. Ned warns Jordan to revoke Lulu's privileges at the station.

Curtis calls Jordan and Chase to the scene. Jordan worries that the body was moved.

The city counts down to the new year. Jason and Sam head to the balcony to watch the fireworks. Jason finds Peyton's body.