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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Warns Ava About "Kevin's" Behavior on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan

Emme Rylan

Jordan interviews Jason and Sam about finding Peyton's body. JaSam head home where Jason says they need to do something about what they want. The two kiss, but are interrupted when Kristina gets home.

Kristina says she's moving out so she can move in with her new group of friends. Sam is concerned for Kristina's safety. Kristina says she won't be alone. Sam wonders how well she knows these people. Kristina talks them up. She explains to Sam the leader is a man named Shiloh. Sam questions Kristina's relationship, but she says it's all on the up and up, and tells them to come check it out.

Jordan has "Kevin" come to the Metro Court where Curtis updates him on the latest on the case. Jordan says the time of death was around 6 PM. Curtis realizes that was before he received the text to meet with Peyton. Ryan says the killer lured Curtis there to taint the evidence. Jordan admits there is a serial killer amongst them.

Ryan says the killer is trying to get attention, which is why the killings are happening on the holidays. He also points out the Ashfords are also a common denominator. Neither Jordan nor Curtis can understand why the killer would target them. Ryan says the killer is antisocial and will kill again.

Oscar's having tests done, so Drew tells Kim to see Julian. Drew calls Hank to meet him at the hospital. Drew tells Hank he has no memory of their past. Hank explains they were overseas together and Drew saved Hank's life when he hit an IED.

Lulu stops by Ava's to talk to "Kevin" about the case. She tells Ava another body was discovered and she believes the killer is the same person. Lulu also wants to talk about "Kevin" and if Ava has noticed anything off about him.

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Ava says he's been kind and compassionate to her. Lulu tells her about Kevin's breakdown years ago and explains there is darkness in his past. Lulu warns Ava to keep her eyes open as Ryan arrives home.

Ryan gets home as Lulu is leaving and wants to know why she's there. Ava says Lulu told her about "Kevin's" breakdown and his dark past. Ryan admits it was a painful time and Lulu doesn't understand it. He says she and Laura are trying to break them up and for Ava not to let them.

Maxie's not happy to see that Nina and Valentin are back together. Nina is surprised when Liesl shows up. Liesl says she's been exonerated and is happy to be spending time with James. She says there is no room for cruelty or revenge anymore.

When Maxie and Nina leave the room, Liesl thanks Valentin for convincing Peter to drop the charges. Valentin accuses Liesl of blackmailing him. Valentin suggests Liesl leave town, but she refuses. She says if he gets any ideas and makes her disappear, she has letters going to the DA, Anna, and Nina explaining about Sasha.

Kim goes to see Julian, who admits he saw her and Drew kissing the night before. Kim swears it meant nothing. Julian says he decided to sleep with someone in exchange. Kim accuses him of being a coward and giving up on them.

Jordan summons Lulu to give her a statement, but will only admit to her off the record they're dealing with a serial killer. Curtis says they don't know who the next victim will be.

Kim gets back to the hospital and tells Drew that Julian broke up with her.

JaSam head to Kristina's new home and meet Shiloh, who turns out to be Hank.