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Perkie's Observations: Scott Delivers Sad News to Monica on General Hospital

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Monica Quartermaine, General Hospital

Leslie Charleson

Jason says he knows Shiloh is lying since he introduced himself as Hank at the Rib. Hank says that's who he was when Drew knew him, but he since changed his name to Shiloh. Shiloh says Drew saved his life. He chose to evolve and make changes, including his name.

Shiloh explains he's created this new home. Kristina says they do things for the community. Sam questions how anyone can afford to live there. Shiloh says everyone pays whatever they can. He explains he's a life coach. Kristina and Sam get into an argument.

After JaSam leave, Kristina apologizes to Shiloh. He notices she has some negativity within and tells her they need to work on it.

Marcus doesn't appreciate it when Stella stops by the home to give Yvonne a gift from Mike. Stella says she heard the two of them left the premises and is grateful Marcus didn't press charges. Marcus tells her he's going to be taking Yvonne out so they can move back home.

Lucy tells Maxie she published a travel guide about Port Charles. She says she needs publicity and hopes Crimson can do a book launch.

Scott tells Monica that Gail Baldwin passed away. The two sit at Charlie's and reminisce. Lucy notices the two are glum and heads over to check out why. She's saddened to hear of Gail's passing.

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Mike and Sonny head to the gym for a workout. Chet is working there out as well. Mike recognizes some of his military tattoos. Mike and Chet talk about the military. Sonny's impressed that Chet was able to get Mike to engage. He offers Chet a job as the gym manager. Later, Chet tells Maxie about his new job, but she seems concerned.

Kim tells Liz that Julian broke up with her because he saw the kiss and slept with someone else.

Alexis talks to Julian about the murders, then asks about Kim. Julian mentions the breakup.

Drew and Curtis are sparring at the gym. Drew mentions his meeting with Hank. Curtis offers to look into him. Drew mentions the kiss with Kim, but tells him it meant nothing.

Stella meets with Sonny and Mike. She tells them that Marcus is taking Yvonne home. Mike says Yvonne wouldn't leave him, but Sonny tries to make him understand that it's her husband's decision. Mike promises to stay away from her if Marcus will change his mind and let her stay. Sonny promises to fix it. Later, Sonny heads to the home to talk to Marcus.

Alexis stops by to offer her condolences to Scott, Lucy, and Monica. She says Gail's will has a bequest for the three of them.

Here's a short clip of Scott, Monica, Lucy, and Alexis: