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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Nina Spar Over Charlotte on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Michelle Stafford, Rebecca Herbst

Sonny talks to Marcus about allowing Yvonne to stay by explaining to him that she and Mike are coping partners, and they help each other. Marcus says he made vows to Yvonne. Sonny says short-term is all they have.

Mike tells Stella that he hopes Sonny can convince Marcus to let Yvonne stay at the home. He says he and Yvonne need each other and make each other happy.

Jordan and Curtis work on the murder cases. They think the connection is Ryan and the anniversary, which stirred things up. Curtis wonders if this is a copycat.

Jordan gets a call from forensics that none of the documentary was found at the producer's studio.

The missing licenses come up. The two go through the old Ryan files and notice the licenses are missing there as well. Curtis wonders how the killer would know to take them.

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Chase holds a self defense class. Maxie, Nina, Liz, and Willow attend. Tensions are high because of the bullying issue. Nina feels the whole thing could have been nipped in the bud earlier in the school year. Liz feels the problem is parenting, and it's not Lulu's.

Liz says Nina is teaching Charlotte to trample on people who are not like her. Nina counters that she's teaching Charlotte not to hold back and make herself small for others. Maxie does her best to calm everyone down. Meanwhile, Willow and Chase make another date.

Julian hosts a town meeting at the pub for the mayoral candidates. Lulu's the moderator. Ryan shows up and Lulu warns him not to make a scene. Ned and Laura both answer questions from the townspeople.

Ryan speaks up to say he respects Laura and is throwing his support to her. Laura says she's going to be an advocate for mental health and she will be checking out Ferncliff again. Ryan does not look amused.

Sonny heads back and lets Stella know that Marcus is still pulling Yvonne out of the home. He thinks he should put Mike in a different home. Stella disagrees and explains that Mike needs to accept Yvonne leaving so he can make new friends.

Back at the home, Marcus announces he will leave Yvonne there, which makes Mike happy. He tells Stella he'll regret it.

Laura heads over to the gym to talk to Sonny. Ryan follows her there.