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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Hope and Liam Face a Tragic Loss

Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton

Okay, here we go. The format may change a bit as I try to settle into a new routine (feedback welcome). Here's a quick recap of the 8000th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke is frustrated that Hope and Liam chose an island for a getaway. Ridge and Bill try to soothe her by reminding her that Liam was going on his first Catalina adventure. Bill questions why they didn't go together and is informed that Liam stayed behind because Kelly had a fever. 

Bill and Ridge are ensconced in a rare moment of agreement as they try to ease Brooke's anxiety. Bill tells them Liam is doing everything he can to get there. He decides to celebrate the arrival of their granddaughter by ordering up some cigars.

(Thankfully, Bill's magic helicopter can cut through the high winds . . . unlike other helicopters, or even cruise boats. In case you missed the other episodes this week . . . it was windy. Very windy. Wind is everywhere. No boats or helicopters can get Liam to Catalina, except Bill's.) 

On the island, Hope wants to know why she can't see Beth. Liam tells her Beth didn't make it. She threatens to get out of bed to find Beth herself. Liam tells Hope she needs to recover, but she doesn't understand what she needs to recover from. He looks at Hope and tells her that Beth didn't make it. She tells Liam she needs to see her, but he wants her to be ready.

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Hope screams for Reese, who hands Beth over to Hope. He mumbles some medical mumbo jumbo about why Beth didn't survive, then leaves the room. Hope holds the baby tightly and cries. Liam embraces her quietly, trying to console her.

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Ridge, Bill, and Brooke talk about their children:

Hope and Liam face their loss:

What did you think of B&B this week? Did the 8000th episode live up to your expectations? Comment below!