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The Young and the Restless Recap: Jill Gives Cane Some Tough Love Advice

Jill Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Jess Walton, Daniel Goddard

Okay, here we go. The format may change a bit as I try to settle into a new routine (feedback welcome). Here's a quick recap of The Young and the Restless:

Jack and Kerry return from their Christmas vacation. To take the chill out of the Wisconsin winter, they decide to keep the island spirit alive. Billy interrupts their kiss. Jack gives Billy his gift, a straw island hat. Billy spills the tea on all the Newman happenings since he was gone. Billy and Jack talk about Billy's sudden feelings for his ex-wife Victoria.

Victoria tries to convince Nikki she can't confess to killing J.T. Nikki explains she will fall on the sword herself to save Victoria. Victoria bides her time by telling her mother that Victor will get through this crisis, and her going to prison won't help her overall health. She begs her murderous mama to just wait and see what happens. To Victoria's relief, Nikki relents. Later, Nikki signs herself out of the hospital against medical advice. Before she leaves, she calls the prison to get her name added to Victor's visitors list.

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Victoria runs straight to her psychiatrist. They talk about the dynamics of her kissing two men in one day. Victoria talks about her feelings for Billy, while trying to unravel what happened with Cane.

Slick Jill is on to Cane's distraction. She wants to know what's changed since the last time she was with him. She encourages Cane to talk so his frustration doesn't buildup inside. He confesses that he kissed another woman. Jill freaks out, but Cane assures her it was a mistake and it won't happen again. Jill understands the emotional strain that he's under and how it can manifest into a passionate moment. Jill tells Cane to keep his trap shut about the kiss, especially to Lily.

Jill pops over to the Abbott mansion. She fills Jack in on her separation from Colin. She congratulates Jack on being an official Abbott again. Jill expresses her disdain for Ashley's plot, especially the part about desecrating Phillip's grave. They agree not to talk about it again and reminisce about John. Kerry spies the quick, warm moment and decides to walk away. Later, Kerry meets Jill. Jack uncomfortably runs down their shady history.

Billy stops by Victoria's. They talk about their feelings. Billy runs down the highlights of his best traits and their Jamaica memories, but Victoria isn't ready. She doesn't trust her feelings or anyone to handle them. As Billy leans in for a kiss, Victoria pulls away.

Cane and Nate share some drinks at the GCAC. The two talk about their situations and how running away isn't always the best remedy.