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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Dig Into Shiloh's Past on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Laura is surprised to find "Kevin" with her at the gym. Ryan says she shouldn't be alone since there is a killer on the loose. Laura says she was surprised by "Kevin's" endorsement of her and promises to be an advocate for mental health.

Ryan says she needs to prioritize what the entire city needs and to leave Ferncliff to him. Laura notices "Kevin" getting worked up while twisting a lace around his hands. She wonders if he has something to tell her, but before Ryan can make a move, Scott shows up to work out.

Jason reads Shiloh's book while Sam reads up about Dawn of Day online. Alexis drops by to see Kristina, but Sam says she moved out. Alexis is happy for Kristina and thanks JaSam for looking out for her.

Oscar's ready to be released and is happy to get back to his life. He and Josslyn discuss school and what they will do once he's out. Kristina and Shiloh stop by. Oscar thanks Shiloh for letting him crash at the house. Kim comes in and also thanks Shiloh. Oscar asks to move back home when he's released.

Drew heads to the pub to confront Julian about dumping Kim. He accuses Julian of being upset that he's not first in Kim's life, which is why he broke up with her. Alexis arrives as Julian admits he broke up with Kim when he saw the kiss, and slept with someone else.

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After Drew leaves, Alexis questions why Julian lied to him. She knows he didn't sleep with anyone else, and Kim needs him now. Julian doesn't believe he's the right man for Kim. Alexis hopes he didn't tell Kim that he slept with her. Julian says he didn't but, Kim may have gotten that idea on her own.

Scott tells Laura and Ryan that the producer's footage is missing and there may be a connection to the original killings. Scott mentions to Laura that Gail passed away. Laura offers her condolences and the two head out together to honor her.

Jason and Sam continue to go through Shiloh's history and find out his given name was David Henry Archer. Sam says his father was one of her husbands. The two realize the connection between everyone is Sam.

Terry gets the results of the trial. She tells Drew and Kim the tumor didn't shrink and it's still inoperable. Kim asks how much time Oscar has, but Terry says it's too soon to tell. She tells Kim all they can do is monitor him.

Drew says they need to tell Oscar the truth. Kim hopes not to say anything today since Oscar is having a good day.

The two head to Oscar's room. Oscar wants Josslyn there for the news. The two are devastated by what Kim and Drew tell them.