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Perkie's Observations: Josslyn Wants to Use Her Influence to Save Oscar on General Hospital

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Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital

Eden McCoy, Laura Wright

Cam stops by Oscar's room. When he sees Oscar being discharged, he assumes the trial worked and Oscar is beating the cancer. Oscar doesn't tell him the truth, but wonders why Cam is wearing a suit. Cam explains he got caught buying weed and has to go to a hearing.

Sam pays Drew a visit to discuss Shiloh/Hank. Drew says he hasn't had a chance to check up on Hank. Sam feels that he's trouble and explains her past. Sam thinks Shiloh is using Kristina to get to her. Sam is surprised at Drew's lack of reaction to this information.

Kim's calling every hospital in the country trying to find a new trial to help Oscar. Alexis finds her to set the record straight that she was not with Julian on New Year's Eve. Kim doesn't care and accuses Alexis of lying.

Kim then loses it, saying she's dealing with more than Julexis. She admits that Oscar's treatment failed. Kim blames herself, saying she dangled hope in front of Oscar and it was all for nothing. Alexis reassures her and offers a hug.

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Joss tells Carly that she wants Sonny's jet, money, and connections. She explains that Oscar's trial didn't work. She says she wants to take Oscar to any number of clinics around the world that might be able to help him.

Carly says they need Kim and Drew's permission to do anything for Oscar, but Joss feels they've given up. Joss thinks it's up to her to save Oscar and she needs to be the strong one. Carly offers to talk to Kim and Drew, and offer them whatever they need.

Carly gets to the mansion as Sam and Drew finish their talk about Hank. Drew tells them that Oscar is terminal and he likely has less than a year to live. Carly offers the jet if they need to take Oscar out of the country for treatment. Drew doesn't want to waste the time they have.

Liz and Franco are waiting for Cam's drug hearing to start. Franco lets Liz know that Oscar's trial didn't work and he only has a matter of months. Liz is upset for Kim and Drew, and grateful to have Franco and her boys.

Alexis and Cam arrive. Alexis says she's going for a dismissal of the charges. She tells Cam to promise to stay out of trouble. She says Cam needs to make sure he's sincere in order for her plan to work.