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Perkie's Observations: PC Digs Deep to Find a Killer on General Hospital

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Mac Scorpio, General Hospital

John York

Alexis addresses the court, telling the judge that Cameron is only 16. She explains he has no record and just made an error in judgement. The judge points out the drug dealer is also a teenager and she sentenced him to 12 months in juvie.

Cameron reads her the letter he wrote, promising he won't do anything like this again because he's learned from his mistake. Liz stands up and tells the judge that Cam did this for Oscar and explains that Cam was trying to help.

It's election night in Port Charles, and Ned and Olivia sit at home trying to distract themselves while waiting for the results. Laura's at the Rib with Carly and Sam as her support system (really show? Sam is suddenly buddy buddy with Laura?)

Margaux's not happy to see Curtis helping Jordan with the case, but Jordan says they need his help. Curtis tells Margaux about the missing driver's licenses that were never released to the public.

Jordan thinks of reaching out to Sean Donely since he was the commissioner during Ryan's killer years. But, when Jordan calls, Tiffany tells her that Sean has dementia and won't remember a case from 25 years ago.

Sonny stops by Lulu's to ask when Dante's coming home. Lulu says she heard from him over the holidays, but she has no idea where he is or when he'll be back. Sonny tells her he has people watching her while the killer is on the loose.

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Sam and Carly talk about Oscar. Sam mentions how Scout won't remember her brother. Carly says Joss is in denial and will eventually need to face reality.

Laura tells Carly that "Kevin" promises to keep an eye on things at Ferncliff, which Carly doesn't believe. Carly mentions that she found out the identity of the patient in the room beside her and his name is Wilson.

Carly says "Kevin" told her the man's name is Wilson Ritter, but Carly says she hasn't been able to find anything online about this person. Laura says it could be an alias. Sonny arrives and tells Laura if she wins, he knows he'll be expected to distance himself from her. Laura says they've been friends for a long time and she has nothing to hide.

Jordan and Curtis come to the Rib to talk to Mac about the case. Jordan tells him about the missing licenses, but Mac doesn't remember that detail from the original case. Mac calls a contact of his at Pentonville who was there with Ryan, but Ryan was held in solitary and had no contact with anyone else.

Margaux heads over to Lulu's, thinking she leaked the information. Lulu says she was given permission to read the original files on Ryan. Margaux asks, off the record, if Lulu spotted anything in the files like a signature. Lulu says she didn't, but thinks she should write about it, hoping to rattle the killer. Margaux warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Drew shows up at the courthouse and speaks on Cam's behalf. He tells the judge that Cam was trying to help his sick son and took action, which makes him a hero.

The judge returns with a verdict for a dismissal. But, Cam will be on probation for 12 months. He will also undergo drug counseling and have to perform community service.