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Perkie’s Observations: Ned and Laura Wait For Results on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, Lulu Spencer, Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Graham, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

The town continues to wait for the results of the election, which are too close to call.

Michael and Monica show up to offer Ned their support. Michael says if Ned loses, he's always welcome back at ELQ. Monica hopes for a win since the family needs one right now because of Oscar.

Maxie stops by Lulu's to take her to the Rib for the announcement. Peter shows up and needs to talk to Lulu, so Maxie goes on ahead. Lulu tells Peter about Margaux’s visit. She mentions that something is linking the two sets of murders.

Lulu says she didn't see anything in the original files, but wants to go over them again to see if she can find the link. Lulu thinks she should print it and let the public know. Peter disagrees, saying they shouldn't publish anything irresponsibly.

Mac summons "Kevin" and tells him about his meeting with Jordan, and how there may be a link between the old murders and the new ones. Mac says the killer has been keeping trophies, namely licenses, like Ryan did. Mac wonders how this killer could know Ryan's MO.

Jason and Sam hang out on the docks. Shiloh runs into them and asks for their help. It turns out he's taking some people off the streets and bringing them to a shelter. But, one man refuses to go. Sam manages to convince the guy to let Shiloh take him.

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When Shiloh returns, JaSam confront him. Jason accuses Shiloh of knowing who Sam was before he came to town. Sam says she was briefly married to Shiloh's father, but never met him.

Shiloh claims it's just a coincidence and he had no idea who his father was married to. Shiloh admits it wasn’t until he fell on hard times that he found out his father had been swindled. Then, he was angry with the woman.

He says he bounced around for a bit then ended up overseas, where Drew saved his life. Sam tells him that someone has been emailing her with her old alias. Shiloh denies any knowledge of that as well. After he leaves, JaSam wonder what he's after.

Results come in from the election and Laura is declared the new mayor. Ned feels that he let Olivia down, but she reassures him that this result is fine with her. The two head to the Rib to concede to Laura.

Laura's confused by "Kevin's" attendance, saying he's sending her mixed messages. Ryan says he can still believe she'll make a great mayor, even if they aren't married anymore.

Laura gives her acceptance speech, including a reminder that she'll be working with the PCPD to catch the killer.

Peter asks to meet with Anna. He says he's gone through the WSB file she gave him, but wants her to fill in some pieces. He asks about other family, like her twin sister and Robin.

Anna promises to catch him up on everything, then suddenly starts to feel unwell. Anna says she needs a doctor, just before she passes out.