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The Young and the Restless Recap: Abby Moves Forward With Devon and Her Top Chef

Abby Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melissa Ordway

Abby snipes at Jack about the article he's reading regarding her father. She goes in about Christine's integrity and claims Victor will be released because he's innocent. Jack says he doesn't want to fight with her and wants the best for her family. After she dumps on him, they find common ground about her upcoming restaurant venture.

Kyle startles Lola in back room at Crimson Lights. She says she's nervous because she's presenting her menu plan to Devon. Later, Lola lets Abby, Devon, and Ana taste her samples . . . and they're all in. They offer her a contract and retainer.

Ana drags her life from Devon's to Crimson Lights. Auntie Nate's not missing this show and wonders if Ana's planning a business trip. She tells him it's time to move out. Ana explains what happened between her and Devon, and how he felt betrayed about Fen. Auntie Nate wraps it up with a bow by telling her how Devon really thinks, even though Devon can't see it. He wants her to give it one more try.

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Ana schleps her stuff back home. Devon claims he trusts her and asks her to stay, promising to be a better brother. Ana apparently packed for nothing and is back in. Auntie Nate is happy. All's well that ends well.

Cane cracks open a beer to read Lily's letter from prison. She admits things are getting strained as they live in their different worlds. She finds the calls hard because she can't look to the future while living in the harsh present. She's sliding into acceptance of prison life. Charlie and Mattie pop in. They want to go to J.T.'s service, but Cane says no dice.

Speaking of prison, Victor gets a visitor. Ole' Smilin' Jack. He's there to put Victor's mind at ease. Jack promises to look after his family for him as long as he's in prison. Victor counters that he is running things from the inside.

Abby and Devon are basking in the afterglow of their menu tasting. Abby wonders why they haven't done some business before. Ana is watching all of it. 

Lola swings by to see Kyle at the Abbott mansion. He guesses she succeeded and she confirms it. He tells her she was a big part of Devon and Abby's success. He tells her he loves her. She returns the feeling and they kiss.