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Perkie's Observations: Anna Has a Medical Emergency on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, General Hospital,

Finola Hughes

Anna passes out and Peter catches her. When she comes to, she can't see anything, so Peter takes her to the hospital.

Nina and Valentin get smoochy about being back in each other's lives. She's grateful he brought her daughter back into her life to fill the hole in her heart. Nina says she trusts him again. (Oy, that will not end well for her.)

Sonny stops by the chapel to ask for a miracle for Oscar. He runs into Griffin, who says faith is an illusion. Sonny believes there's something bigger out there, but Griffin says if Oscar gets a miracle, it will be science-based.

Kim's at work birthin' babies and feeling resentful over the new mothers' joy. Drew tries to make her feel better, but she can't get over the fact that there is no hope for Oscar. Sonny walks up and offers them all the resources at his disposal.

Drew says there is no miracle drug anywhere else that will work, though they both appreciate Sonny's offer.

Franco runs into Ava with a gun on the docks. She says she's making herself a target so the killer can come after her and she can kill him. Ryan shows up, so Franco tells him Ava's nutty plan.

Franco also gets angry with "Kevin" for ghosting him and not scheduling more appointments. Ryan feels they need to stop working together because Franco has reached a plateau. Ryan tells Franco to see another therapist, which does not sit well with him.

Finn is not amused to find Liesl at the hospital. She says the charges against her have been dropped and she's looking for a job. Finn says Monica would never rehire her, so Liesl decides she should check out Mercy Hospital instead.

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Peter brings Anna to the hospital. She tells Griffin and Finn what happened. Griffin says they'll run some tests to see what's going on. Anna thanks Peter for being there for her.

Liesl interrupts ValNina's shmoopy shmoopy to talk to Nina, but Valentin insists she say what she needs to in front of him. Liesl says she needs a job and Valentin will help her get one at Cassadine Industries. Valentin promises to look into something for her, since he knows she holds Sasha over his head.

After Valentin leaves, Liesl chastises Nina for getting back together with him. She says there are two sides to Valentin, including a ruthless and amoral side. Nina sings Valentin's praises, going on about him finding her daughter.

Nina talks about Sasha, and how much she resembles Britt and Nathan. Liesl is quick to snap that Sasha is nothing like her precious Nathan, and says she needs to tell Nina something important. (I suppose I shouldn't get my hopes up that she's going to tell Nina the truth).

Finn questions whether Griffin has his head in the game when it comes to Anna's care. Griffin says Anna is family to him and he needs to help her. Griffin says there can be many causes to sudden blindness, but that he's going to rely on the data to tell him.

Peter tells Valentin that Anna's in the hospital, but warns him to stay away from her in her weakened state.

Griffin has some results for Anna. She had a vitreous hemorrhage, but he doesn't know the cause.

Franco breaks into "Kevin's" office to find his file, which happen to be in the safe with the box of trophies.

Ava says she's not crazy for going after Kiki's killer. Ryan says it's counterproductive because the killer feeds off of fear. Ryan suggests they leave town together, forever.