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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Reese Has a Surprise For Taylor

Dr. Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Hunter Tylo, Wayne Brady

Bill comes back to the Forrester living room. He tells Brooke and Ridge he sent food to the cabin for Hope and Liam. Bill says they need to be there for them. Ridge agrees, but has one more thing to add before Bill leaves.

Taylor tries to help Reese cope with the guilt he feels over Hope's baby. Taylor encourages him to open up and he says he wants to. He tells Taylor he should have seen the signs, but it all happened so fast.

Ridge wants to remind Bill that even though they've been thrown together, Brooke is still his wife. Bill wants to know why Ridge is bringing this up. Bill tells him his priorities have shifted and his focus is with his boys. Ridge isn't buying it. 

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Reese describes as everything as a bad omen. The wind, the loss of power, and no staff. He walks her through what happened. Taylor sympathizes with Hope, but she wants Reese to seek help to get through this.

Brooke doesn't want to do this now, but since it's on the table, she tells Bill she's married to Ridge and that's it. Ridge wants Bill to respect their marriage. She encourages Bill to keep changing and moving forward. She wants to their families to work together for their children, who have to come first. Bill understands the message and leaves.

Brooke wants to check on Hope. Ridge tells her they will get through it together. At the cabin, Hope asks her mother how she will get along without her baby. Brooke tells her to lean on the people around her. Hope cries to her mother and asks why. Then, she says there's a part of her that believes Beth isn't gone.

Reese tells Taylor he asked her there for another reason. He unexpectedly leaves the room. When he comes back, he has a baby. Taylor wants to know why he has one and where it came from.