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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki Is Haunted By a . . . Fire Poker

Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melody Thomas Scott

Phyllis wants to step up to and give an honest goodbye to J.T. She thinks they should speak from the heart. Victoria begs Nick to take Phyllis out, but he just sits there wringing his hands.

Reed asks Phyllis to finish what she started. Phyllis announces that J.T. was an emotional and physical abuser. Reed looks to Victoria and she confirms it. He tosses J.T.'s pretty portrait and storms out. Nick thanks everyone for stopping by. Victoria interrupts and talks about the abuse. Mac steps up in support of Victoria.

Mia and Arturo are keeping warm under a blanket. (I'm not sure exactly why she's staying in a place without heat.) Mia tries to get closer to make some heat with him. They reminisce about their past.

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Rey and Sharon are driving in a snowstorm. As with anyone in Genoa City who gets behind the wheel of a car, it skids on the ice and won't restart. They shack up in a seedy motel room in Kenosha . . . with one bed. Rey calls Mia to tell fill her in on what's happening, but doesn't tell her about Sharon, and Mia doesn't tell him about Arturo. Sharon asks Rey how they will pass the time since neither one of them will get any sleep.

Cane offers his support to Victoria. Nick tells Phyllis he's taking Nikki home. He tells her he will see her when he sees her. Billy hands Phyllis her coat and escorts her out. Reed comes back to talk to Victoria.

The heat is back on. Arturo calls Sharon's emergency guy to say he's not needed. Mia figures out that Sharon and Rey are together. Arturo tries to assure her they aren't hooking up. Meanwhile, Sharon invites Rey off the lumpy chair and into the other side of the bed. Arturo almost kisses Mia. He stops himself and leaves.

Nikki gets back to her new and improved living room. Nick offers to stay, but she doesn't need him. He leaves. She takes off her coat and sees it . . . on the hearth . . . and screams. It's the fire poker. Nick comes back. She tells him not to touch it because it's a murder weapon. When Nick questions her further, she admits she knows because she killed J.T.