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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Finds a Disturbing Message for Aiden on General Hospital

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Cameron Webber, Jake Webber, General Hospital

William Lipton, Jason David

Anna had surgery on her eyes to stop the hemorrhaging. She's waiting to remove the bandages and test her eyesight. Finn's hovering around, so Griffin calls in Chase to take his brother away to briefly distract him. Anna asks Griffin about the damage, but he says they need to wait and see what the lab results say.

Joss finds the drug counseling pamphlet on Cam and questions him. Cam explains about the drug deal and subsequent sentencing. Cam talks about how Oscar is feeling better. Joss tells him the truth about the trial not working. She says there's nothing else they can do for Oscar.

Joss tells him how she wanted to fly off to various places to find a cure, but was avoiding facing the facts. Joss says she and Oscar don't want to waste any time, but make the best of each day he has left.

Willow stops by the pub. Julian tells her she shouldn't be hanging out there. Willow says she's meeting someone, but also can't believe how many people in town are connected to her son. Julian thinks she should leave Port Charles, but Willow says it won't help her forget the baby she gave up. Julian reminds her Wiley is Brucas' son now, but Willow says her heart says otherwise.

Kim tells Terry that Oscar has questions and he needs the truth, no matter what. Oscar runs into Alexis and tells her he needs to finish his will, then heads to the meeting with Terry.

Oscar asks a few questions about the quality of his future, how to prepare for death, and how long he has. Terry explains that in some cases, the headaches get worse and he may have difficulty with his balance. She also says symptoms are different for each person. Terry says some of her patients have survived 6-7 months, and others only 6 weeks.

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Aiden and Franco hang out at home baking cookies. Franco's surprised at how much interest Aiden's showing and how knowledgable he is. He asks why Aiden never told him he liked cooking so much. Aiden just didn't want to be laughed at again.

Liz meets with Willow for an update on Aiden. Willow says he still prefers to avoid the other students and may not feel safe for a long time. Liz wonders why Aiden's a target, but Willow says some kids can simply be cruel. Willow explains that Aiden needs to find his identity and promises to continue to monitor things.

Alexis heads to the pub to tell Julian to go and see Kim. Julian figures it means the trial didn't work, but says Drew is there for Kim.

Monica offers her sympathies to Kim. Kim thanks her for accepting Oscar into the family, but doesn't know how to let him go.

Kim heads to the pub to be with Julian.

Griffin removes Anna's bandages and her eyesight has returned. Griffin spots that something's off in the lab results and calls for Finn. Finn tells Anna the virus that caused the blindness has never been seen in North America. He says he doesn't know the cause. Anna wonders if it was given to her intentionally.

Liz and Cam both get home to find that Aiden has baked cookies. Liz is surprised he is so into baking. Franco says they just need to let Aiden be Aiden.

Cam and Aiden hang out on the couch. Cam asks to use Aiden's iPad. When he opens it, there's a message that reads, "Get Lost Gayden."