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Perkie's Observations: Laura Webber Is Sworn In as Mayor on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

Liz gets the Webber boys ready to head out to Laura's inauguration. Aiden worries that Charlotte will be there, which catches Cameron's attention. When everyone leaves the room, Cam asks Jake. He says Charlotte was bullying Aiden, but apologized for it.

Jake admits the other kids at school are also messing with Aiden, calling him a weirdo. Cam says Jake should be doing more to protect his little brother.

Sonny tells Carly about Ava wanting to leave town with Avery. Carly agrees that it would be too disruptive for Avery.

Ava meets with Scott to ask him to sell her condo and gallery. She explains she's leaving town with Kevin. Scott says Sonny won't let her leave with Avery and she should stay here.

Scott says he's been where Ava is and she'll learn to live with it. Ava says she has a chance to start over with Kevin. Scott says Kevin won't treat her any better than he has Laura. Ava says Kevin helped her back from the brink.

Curtis catches up with Stella, and the Marcus/Yvonne situation. Stella explains everything has worked out, though Marcus is now upset with her. Curtis wants to go and talk to Marcus, but Stella tells him to back off.

Lulu still wants to publish how the new serial killer is emulating Ryan. Peter says they lack evidence and won't publish rumors. Lulu argues back, so Peter tells her to write the story. He'll decide if it will be published.

Jordan and Mac want Maxie to cancel the Crimson book event for Lucy's travel guide. They feel the killer will strike again at a high publicity event. Lulu arrives and wants a quote from Jordan that the killer is timing his killings with holidays or special events.

Jordan refuses to answer, telling Maxie this is what Nathan would want. When Lulu snaps that today is Maxie and Nathan's anniversary, Jordan apologizes. Maxie says Nathan wouldn't want them to back off.

Waiting for the inauguration to begin, Ryan tells Laura he wants to finalize their divorce. He says Laura agreed to the divorce and he's been patiently waiting for her. Laura accuses him of wanting to play house with Ava.

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Ryan says their marriage is a lost cause, though Laura counters she believes the man she married still exists. Ryan says he's not the man she thought he was. Laura says she's about to take the oath of office, so the divorce has to wait.

Mike has an episode. He throws a tantrum while trying to find his watch. Sonny has it, so Mike accuses him of stealing it. Mike doesn't recognize Sonny and yells at Carly to have him arrested. Then, he punches Sonny in the face.

Carly tells Mike there will be no fighting allowed and sends him to his room to cool off. Carly's worried, but Sonny says they were warned that Mike would get violent, and he'll just hire more help.

Carly questions what will happen if Mike gets violent again. Sonny says he'll fight back. Carly doesn't believe Sonny will be able to live with himself if it comes to that.

Mac goes to Peter and tells him he needs to step up to protect Maxie. He tells Peter to take Lulu off the story. Peter says the public has a right to know. Mac says they need to stay ahead of the killer and allow Jordan to catch him.

Laura's ready to take the oath of office and notices her wedding rings. She tells the crowd that she wants full disclosure. She removes the rings before taking the oath, as Laura Webber.

Lulu congratulates Laura on taking off the rings. Peter interrupts to tell Lulu they aren't running the story.

Laura tells Jordan she wants a full briefing on the serial killing case.

Aiden's handing out cookies, which upsets Cameron. Franco asks if Cam is ashamed of Aiden's interest in cooking. Cam says he's worried about how others will treat him.

Ryan tells Ava that Laura is giving them a quickie divorce so they can move away. Ava says Sonny won't let her leave with Avery.

Ryan calls Carly. He apologizes for being rude to her and wants to talk things out. Carly also wants to talk to him about Mike, and offers to meet with Ryan, along with Sonny.