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The Young and the Restless Recap: Lily Pushes Cain Outta the Big House

Lily Winters, The Young and the Restless

Christel Khalil

Nick/Phyllis: Nick tells Phyllis that Michael got Victor a bail hearing. She's none to thrilled that Nick is the man who got the ball rolling. Nick insists Victor needs to be there for his mother, and he's not the one who killed J.T.

Phyllis rides Nick for his decision to help Victor, despite all the crap he's pulled on Nick. She reminds Nick of his new life, new home, and Dark Horse . . . and what it meant to be free of his father. They argue about Victor's endless crimes and inability to pay for them. Nick decides it's a good time to check out.

Later when he comes home, Phyllis wants to know what Nikki said to change his mind about Victor. He starts to spill the tea, but catches himself.

Cane/Lily: Cane makes an unexpected visit to the prison. Lily asks if he's there because of the letter. He's there because phone calls aren't cutting it and he just wants wants to be with her. He tries to convince her they're in this fight together.

Lily tells Cane she's been assigned to teach GED classes every day to other women. Lily admits she's felt a lot of shame since the accident and hopes she can give something good back to the world. 

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Cane rambles on about his fantasies and she firmly tells him to stop. She tries to get him to understand how much it hurts to think about anything on the outside, especially Paris. Cane gives Lily Mattie's essay to read. She tells him to take it home so Mattie can read it to her over the phone.

Lily abruptly tells him it's time to kick rocks because she has a class to teach. He balks at leaving. She explains it's her job and on the schedule, unlike his visit. She doesn't feel like they're on the same page. They bro-hug and he leaves.

Mia/Rey/Arturo/Sharon: Mia is thinking about Arturo as Rey sneaks up behind her for some morning snuggles. Rey holds her close as he thinks about Sharon. They chit chat and he takes her back to bed.

Later, Arturo comes by to see Mia. She tells him she didn't say anything to Rey, but can't stop thinking about what happened between them. He doesn't understand why she won't leave him alone and only wants to talk about what they have no business talking about. (You got that?)

At the GCPD: Nick pops into the GCPD and interrupts Rey, who's talking to a reporter about Victor's case. Nick informs her that Victor has a lawyer and the GCPD will apologize for making up stories about his daddy. He invites her and a crew to Dark Horse so he can fill her in on what's really happening.

Before he leaves, Nick can't help but tell Rey how to do his job. Rey and Sharon tell him the police department is working on the ranch fire.

Rey asks Sharon to keep quiet about sharing a room even though Mia knows Sharon was in Kenosha with him. He claims he and his wife are back on track, and he's happy about it.