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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Reads Gail's Will on General Hospital

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Scotty Baldwin, Laura Spencer, Monica Quartermaine, Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Kin Shriner, Genie Francis, Leslie Charleson, Nancy Lee Grahn

Anna wants to figure out how she got this virus. Finn tells her it's mainly been eradicated, but patient X is someone named Arthur Cabot. Anna recognizes the name, saying he was a medical researcher at the DVX. Anna says he was interested in biological weapons and mind control, just like Faison. Anna suddenly sees this may not be random.

Nina wants to join the school board so she can keep an eye on Willow. She tells Valentin that Willow is threatened by strong women (shut up Nina). Nina complains that she doesn't like the way Willow treats Charlotte.

Valentin wants them to get married again, so they can rebuild their family. He likes that Nina still considers Charlotte her step daughter.

Cam is picking up trash at Laura's inauguration party as part of his community service. He runs into Joss and Oscar. Oscar apologizes to him since he was the reason for buying weed. Oscar mentions he hasn't really gotten to know Port Charles that well, so Cam and Joss tell him about some great places they need to show him.

Oscar mentions the catacombs and Cam says he knows a way to get them in. (Hmmm, kids + underground tunnels that were previously used by the likes of Faison and Obrecht + February sweeps = What could possibly go wrong?!)

Sam's planning on heading to one of Shiloh's seminars. Jason wants to go with her since Sam is one of them vulnerable wimmins. However, Sam says no one will open up with a mob hitman in the room. He allows her to go on her own. (at least, I think that's what I understood from their conversation because zzzzzzzzzzz.)

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Alexis summons Laura, Scotty, and Monica for the reading of Gail's will. Some money is being kept in an education trust for any children Serena may have. Alexis says Gail wanted to focus on mental health services.

Alexis says there is a second trust, but she has no other details. She will summon them all back at another time.

Shiloh's seminar is about 'unburdening your past'. Kristina takes a turn and goes through what happened when she was dating Kiefer. She talks about how he beat her. Sam doesn't like the way Kristina is treated and stops the session. Kris says she's carried the shame of that relationship for years and this group is helping her heal.

Drew asks to meet with Jason. Drew says they're all trying to find a way to deal with Oscar's prognosis. Drew's worried that Joss will make them lose time that Oscar has by trying to find a miracle cure.

Drew asks Jason to talk to Carly and have her explain to things to Joss. (Was this taped out of sequence or did the writers forget what they'd already written? Yes, Joss went on a mini rampage about doctors around the world, but then eventually came around to acceptance. Remember what you've already written, show!)

Lulu runs into Willow and apologizes again for Charlotte's bullying. She asks if Charlotte has been behaving since her talking to. Willow says there is now another issue.

The two approach Valentin and Nina. Willow explains how Charlotte has had no interest in history and has been getting poor grades.

Nina gets her panties in a bunch because  Willow is accusing Charlotte of being a cheater. Valentin says he's been helping Charlotte with her history and doesn't think she's to blame. Willow tells Lulu that children often cheat for fear of disappointing their parents.