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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Hope Rethinks Her Fast Reaction to Sally

Sally Spectra, The Bold And the Beautiful

Courtney Hope

At the cabin: After a blow up, Wyatt and Sally feel dejected. Liam tries to smooth things over, but Wyatt thinks it's time to pack up the pup and head home. Hope emerges from the shadows. She wants them to stay. She tells them she doesn't know why she acted the way she did. She offers an olive branch, explaining she needs all the support she can get right now.

She asks Sally to forgive her. Sally approaches her and tells her she has nothing to be sorry about. Sally explains she was acting impulsively and regrets not running the idea past Liam first. She asks Hope to forgive her. Hope takes her hand. Sally tells her she wishes she could take away her pain. The two embrace.

At Katie and Thorne's: It's family dinner night. Bill and Donna join Katie, Thorne, and Will. Bill asks to take Will to Aspen, but Katie needs to check the school calendar. Bill gets Will excited about heli-skiing. Donna and Thorne look appropriately uncomfortable with this setting, while Katie waves Bill off.

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Bill offers that staying in LA and hanging out is okay as well. Will says he likes the science center. Donna and Thorne pipe up how much they like going there with Will. Will whispers to Bill he was hoping it would be the two of them with Katie. Thorne squirms again, while Katie says they will talk about it. Donna backs off and tells them she is getting baking lessons from Pam, and can't go with them. When Katie invites Thorne, Will shoots him a dirty look. Thorne just shrinks into the imaginary hole he dug himself during dinner.

Hope and Sally:

Family dinner: