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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Meets With Carly and Sonny on General Hospital

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Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Jon Lindstrom

Carly tells Sonny that she made an appointment with Kevin so they can discuss options about Mike's situation. Sonny's not interested. Carly says things will get worse and ignoring them won't help. Sonny insists they'll deal with this.

Laura stops by to see Lulu. The two discuss the murders. Lulu mentions that Peter pulled her off the story. Laura tells her if the current killer emulates Ryan's kill numbers, then it means there will be 6 more kills to add up to 9. She explains to Lulu that "Kevin" had a list of 9 people that Ryan killed.

At the book launch, Nina and Maxie introduce Lucy. Lucy talks about her book and decides to read excerpts from it. (I thought it was a travel guide, but apparently it's a tell all of the townspeople.)

Bobbie's not happy to hear Lucy talk about her torrid past and neither is Felicia. Valentin doesn't like his portrayal and Peter gets uncomfortable when Faison's name comes up.

Nina tells Maxie that Valentin proposed. Maxie tells her to follow her heart and they'll always be a family.

Ryan's waiting for Sonny and Carly when Ava arrives. Says she wants in on the meeting. Ryan assures her that he can hold his own against CarSon and convinces her to leave.

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CarSon arrive. Ryan brings up that he wants to leave town with Ava. Sonny says he's not letting Ava take Avery. Carly says they're there to talk about Mike, and how to go forward. She explains Sonny's history with his father. Sonny says Mike is his responsibility and he needs to take care of him.

Ryan thinks this has to do with Morgan's death. Sonny wasn't able to save his son and is now trying to save his father. He tells them to visit Morgan's grave and talk to him, so they can figure out how to talk to Mike.

Lucy asks if Felicia is mad at her for airing her dirty laundry. Felicia says she didn't want to relive the past, but accepts Lucy's apology. Lucy asks who Kevin is with now and is upset to hear that it's Ava.

Lulu leaves a voicemail for Kevin. She asks him about the list of 9 kills from Ryan. Lulu talks to Dante and finds out he won't be back for awhile. Lulu calls Peter to convince him to let her write the story. Peter shuts her down again.

Maxie talks to Felicia about her feelings for Peter. She admits she's not sure if she's ready for something more.

Valentin pushes Nina, who says things don't work when they're married. She tells him she would rather just keep things as they are.

Lucy confronts Ava when she shows up. Ava admits that she and "Kevin" are an item.

Ryan shows up at Lulu's office with his knife.