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The Young and the Restless Recap: Billy's Pop-in Has Consequences

Billy Abbott, Victoria Newman, Cane Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Jason Thompson, Amelia Heinle, Daniel Goddard

After a shot rings out, Victor quietly comes into the room and tells Stable Mabel he's glad she's a bad shot. (My thought was, "You shot my vase!"). Victor explains what happened in court. He shows Nikki the ankle bracelet he has to wear. He promises to behave and do what he's told. Much like Victoria's crib, the ranch has a spy cam too.

Nikki confides in Victor about what happened the night J.T. died. He understands Nikki was only defending an attack against their daughter.

Mariah runs into Nick at Crimson Lights. They talk about his turnaround to defend Victor. Nick thinks Victor didn't kill J.T. It's that simple. Mariah admits she thinks he's innocent too. She claims that based on her history with Victor, J.T.'s death would be too good for him. Victor would rather plot revenge, beat him down, and toss him in prison for life. She tells him that GC Buzz won't cover the story any longer. Nick heads out to the ranch.

Billy sashays into Victoria's house and catches some hot action between her and Cane on the couch. Victoria heads Billy off by telling him she kissed Cane. Billy rails against Cane's betrayal whilst his wife is in prison. Victoria tells them they got caught up in the moment and the moment's over. Cane leaves.

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Billy lashes out at Victoria, but admits he's not one to judge. He tells her Phyllis wasn't a rebound, but a blip in the bigger history of Villy. He asks her to disregard Red's backhanded slam from the other day. He only wants a future with her. Billy says he loves her and can overlook the one kiss. Victoria tells him it was more than one time. She asks Billy to leave.

Kyle and Lola are on a date. He teaches her how to read the stars in the sky. They pick the center star in the constellation of Cassiopeia as their star. He takes her inside and gives her an envelope. He tells her he bought their star and named it Kola. When Lola questions him, Kyle admits it only cost $19.95. They make out and Jack calls ahead, giving Kyle a warning that he's heading home. Kyle climbs off Lola and decides to make hot chocolate in the kitchen.

Nick shows up at the ranch. Victor wants to run through the entire night of J.T.'s death step by step. When Victor says he wants to destroy the evidence, Nikki balks. Victoria stops by. She and Nikki talk about her mixed up feelings for Billy.

Cane rushes over to Devon's. He's flustered and tells him he got into it with Billy. Cane asks to take the jet upstate to visit Lily. Devon questions the urgency, but Cane only tells him he has to save his marriage. Cane tells Devon the gap with Lily is getting larger and he can't fix it. Cane admits he kissed Victoria. Devon's not thrilled he cheated . . . again. Devon doesn't buy what Cane is selling. He tells him to suck up his guilt and go home because Lily doesn't need his bullshit.

Billy makes a rash decision to fly upstate . . . he tells the guard he wants to see Lily.