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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Attacks Lulu on General Hospital

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Luly Spencer, Elizabeth Webber, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis

Lulu asks "Kevin" how many kills Ryan had. Ryan tells her there were nine, which confuses Lulu. She recites the name of seven victims. Ryan tells her the names of two other deaths that are unsolved.

Lulu questions why "Kevin" didn't tell the police this information. Ryan takes Lulu's license out of her wallet, and she says he's scaring her. Lulu says she's concerned about him and how this anniversary has taken its toll.

Ryan says he's not a victim and the truth is right in front of her. Lulu says he's not Ryan because Ryan is dead. Suddenly, Ryan attacks Lulu and stabs her in the stomach. She falls down.

Lucy can't believe Kevin would be with Ava since she's so toxic and full of malice. Ava accuses Lucy of being jealous. Lucy says it won't last between them because Kevin is only with Ava out of pity.

Josslyn and Oscar find their way into an abandoned shaft above the catacombs. Joss gets frustrated when she can't the actual entrance to the tunnels. The two sit together and discuss death.

Kim worries that Oscar hasn't texted her. She tells Liz that while she wants him to lead as normal a life as possible, he still needs to check in with her every 3 hours.

Finn tells Anna the virus is responding to treatment and has been neutralized. Anna wonders how long she had it and what triggered it.

Chase brings Willow back to his place for another date. The two share wine and a kiss. Willow admits she has been hiding something. She tells him she was attending the grieving meetings because she gave up a baby for adoption.

Willow says she knows she did what was best for the baby, but still misses him.

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Michael finds Lucas and gives him money for Wylie's college fund. At first, Lucas refuses to accept it. Michael convinces him to keep it.

Carlys tells Ava that she isn't taking Avery with her. Ava says she needs her child even if it's just part time, but Carly refuses.

Lulu manages to get up. Ryan decides to finish her off. Before he gets a chance to, he grabs his head, collapses and passes out. Lulu manages to get out of the office and to the restaurant, where the book launch is finishing up.

Lulu passes out. Lucas applies pressure while someone calls an ambulance. Jordan and Curtis shut down the hotel to look for the killer. Lulu is taken to the hospital where she is stabilized before surgery. Laura's upset that she left Lulu alone in her office.

Ryan comes to and finds his way out of the office and down to the restaurant. Ava and Carly are there when he comes off the elevator. He tells them he has a bad headache and can no longer see.

Curtis and Jordan check out Lulu's office and find the bloody knife on the floor. They also find a bloody footprint. Jordan figures they've finally caught a break because the killer is making mistakes.

At the hospital, Carly tells Laura that Kevin was brought in unable to see. She also mentions it to Anna and Finn, who head over to talk to Kevin.

Ava's by Ryan's side while he waits for tests results. He asks her to check on Lulu's condition. Ava returns and says Lulu is in surgery and may not make it through the night. She notices that Ryan's shoes were removed and offers to take them home (Such a weird plot point. I've been in emergency plenty of times, no ones ever taken my shoes from me. The question is, will Ava find the blood on the shoes and put two and two together, or is it just so Jordan won't find them with Ryan when she goes to talk to him?)

Kim tells Carly that Oscar hasn't checked in. Carly tries to get a hold of Joss and can't. She asks Liz to call Cam to see where they are.

As Joss and Oscar are getting ready to leave the tunnels, he has a seizure and passes out.