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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Isn't Too Happy With Brad on General Hospital

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Lucas Jones, Brad Cooper, Julian Jerome, General Hospital

Ryan Carnes, Parry Shen, William deVry

Oscar comes to and wants to climb out of the hole, but Joss doesn't want to risk another collapse. Oscar convinces Joss to go up on her own and get help. Joss climbs the ladder, but a rung breaks off and she falls.

Chase gets called in to look for the missing kids, with Drew breathing down his neck. Carly calls Jason for help and explains to JaSam that the kids were planning on checking out the catacombs.

Sam says there are cellars under the distillery yard, which is currently under construction. She figures that's where the kids tried to get in.

Julian is grateful when Brad and Wylie stop by the pub so he can spend some time with his grandson. Michael and Lucas also stop by. They're taking a break from waiting out Lulu's surgery. Lucas is not happy to see Julian with the baby. He takes Brad outside to talk to him while Michael holds Wylie.

Michael gets snarky with Julian and accuses him of always putting people in danger, including Morgan. Julian says he's turned his life around, but Michael dismisses him. Willow shows up and stares hungrily at Wylie.

Lucas chastises Brad. Although he let Julian back into his life, he hasn't let his father into Wylie's life. Lucas reminds Brad what they promised to the birth mother and he wants to respect her wishes. Brad says the birth mother no longer has any say in how they raise Wylie.

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After Brucas take the baby home, Michael realizes that Willow was upset by seeing a baby. He apologizes to her.

Alexis runs into Shiloh and recognizes him from his book. Alexis mentions how Kristina is impressed with him. He sings Kristina's praises. Alexis asks if he knew who Sam was before she told him, but Shiloh says he didn't.

Shiloh explains his background and how he was transformed when Drew saved his life. Alexis doesn't believe that he happened to come to the same town where Sam and Drew are. She wonders where Kristina fits in all of this.

Shiloh says Daisy introduced Kristina to him and she's learning to find her place. Alexis agrees that Kristina seems more content and composed, and offers to give Shiloh the benefit of the doubt.

JaSam, Carly, and Drew get to the construction site and find Oscar and Joss in the hole. Joss explains he had a seizure and she can't help him out. Drew and Jason go down. Drew helps Oscar back up and takes him to the hospital.

Jason convinces Joss to go back up the ladder. Carly manages to pull her up and takes her get checked out. Jason tells Sam he can't wait for the rescue team because the floor boards underneath him are rotted.

Jason starts to climb the ladder and it gives way, causing him to fall backwards into the hole. (Oh no, will Jason die? It's so suspenseful, not.)