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Veteran Daytime Exec and Soap Writers Join Serialized Fiction Venture Radish

Sue Johnson

Can’t get enough serialized storytelling on your TV? Well get ready for Radish Originals on your phone! Radish, a short-form serialized fiction app you can find on Apple and Android, is launching in-house serialized stories via its new feature Radish Originals.


Radish Originals will be overseen by former VP of Programming at ABC Daytime Sue Johnson and feature such familiar soap opera writing names as Tom Casiello, Leah Laiman, Jean Passanante, Addie Walsh, Marlene McPherson and Lisa Connor.

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“Radish is rapidly growing and our users are hungry for more diverse content. Sue’s experience in serialized storytelling for both the traditional and mobile entertainment space supports our mission to deliver a broad range of premium stories to our readers from not only up-and-coming authors, but well-established writers, which is where Sue’s expertise is invaluable. We will be producing stories in TV-style writers’ rooms and iterating these stories through data-driven A/B testing often used in mobile gaming studios. We are excited to innovate on how novels are produced and published,” said Seung-yoon “SY” Lee, Founder and CEO of Radish.

Not familiar with Radish? The mobile serialized fiction app covers romance, fantasy, YA, paranormal, mystery, LGBTQ, horror, new adult and scif-fi genres with over one thousand authors and close to one million app downloads.