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The Young and the Restless Recap: Arturo Surprises Abby With a Proposal

The Young and the Restless

Jason Canela, Melissa Ordway

Here's a quick hit from today's The Young and the Restless.

Ana admits she's Fen's songwriter. Devon praises her and wonders why she hesitated. She says music is a man's world and she can't trust people. She's okay staying behind the scenes. Devon tells her she can always change her mind.

Phyllis tells Nikki she held onto the poker for insurance, even though she was supposed to get rid of it. Phyllis denies putting the poker in Nikki's house, but Nikki isn't sure she can believe a liar.

Mia and Rey are looking forward to renewing their vows. She claims it's just what she needs, but she has way to much to do before the ceremony.

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Sharon goes to Victoria. She blabs that Phyllis wants to form an alliance with her because she feels alone against the Newmans. Victoria claims Phyllis has already lashed out, something she does when she's cornered. Sharon puts on her shrink hat and helps Victoria sort out her feelings.

Later, Nikki swings by Victoria's and fills her in on her conversation with Phyllis.

Devon sneaks downstairs when he hears Ana sing whist playing the piano.

Mia and Rey are all spiffed up at the GCAC. They get hitched up again. Arturo steps up to make a speech about his brother. Then, he turns to Abby. He drops to one knee and proposes. Abby is caught off guard . . . kind of like a deer in the headlights.

Arturo proposes to Abby: