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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Refuses to Help His Brother on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Ryan is summoned to Ferncliff. It turns out that Kevin also went blind the night before. The nurse believes the patient should be sent to the hospital, but Ryan refuses. Ryan tells Kevin that he too went blind, but it was reversible. Kevin begs for the treatment to restore his eyesight, but Ryan refuses.

Ryan asks Kevin about Cabot and the WSB. Kevin remembers meeting him years ago to discuss Ryan and identical twins. Ryan wants to know what the research was about, but Kevin says he didn't stick around to find out.

Ryan mentions Lulu being attacked, which upsets Kevin. Ryan says Lulu was getting too close, but now has a memory block. Kevin warns him when Sonny finds out, he'll exact his own justice. Ryan says he and Ava are heading out of town.

Kevin asks if it's with the money from the divorce. Ryan says he came out of the divorce with the same money he went in with. Kevin mentions a prenup, which Ryan pretends to know about. After he leaves, Kevin crows that he managed to get one over on Ryan.

Anna insists she never met Dr. Cabot, though Robert has a photo of the two of them together. Anna realizes it was Alex, so Robert does a little digging. He finds out Alex was in that part of the country at the time.

Anna mentions that Kevin is also a twin, so they summon him again. This time, Ryan says he does remember meeting Cabot years ago. He says the meeting was about twins, but he wasn't interested.

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Willow shows up at Charlie's to confront Julian, again, about his promise to stay away from Wylie. He counters that she should also stay away, since Brucas are the baby's parents.

Brad and Lucas decide to have a date night, and leave Michael in charge of Wylie. Michael takes the baby with him to pick up take out from Charlie's. (If only there were other eating establishments in that town, like a cafe owned by his grandmother or hotel restaurant owned by his mother. Good lord, the stupid.)

Julian's not happy to have Willow and Wylie in the same place. He tells Michael he shouldn't bring the baby around because he wants to honor the agreement he made with Lucas. Michael counters that he should just keep his distance. (Shut up, Michael.)

Drew and Kim share a drink and discuss how hard it is to pretend to be normal parents with an ordinary life. The two then agree to have dinner. Drew mentions he wants to take Oscar to the mountains and make a family trip out of it. Kim brings up Scout, so Drew tells her the harrowing story of being birthed through Sam's pants.

Oscar and Joss hang out at Charlie's doing homework. Oscar mentions he hasn't seen much of Julian lately because he's keeping his distance from Kim. Later, Joss thanks Julian for taking a step back when she asked him to. (Shut up Joss.)

Lucas and Brad end up cutting their date short. They worry about and miss Wylie. Brad calls Michael, who says he's at Charlie's. Brad offers to go there and pick up the baby.

When Brad gets to the pub, Michael introduces him to Willow. The two make small talk. Julian pulls Brad away to warn him that Willow is original Wylie's birth mother.