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Perkie's Observations: Ava Turns to Olivia's Psychic Visions on General Hospital

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Lisa LoCicero, Maura West

Lisa LoCicero, Maura West

Carly stops by to check in on Kim and takes an interest in her relationship with Drew. Kim says they're only spending time together because of Oscar. Carly says it's natural for them to take comfort in each other.

Drew tells Julian to stop doing favors for Kim. He wants Julian to back off since he cut ties with Kim after cheating on her. Julian says Drew only wants to take his place in Kim's life.

Ava wants Olivia's help in tracking down the killer. She wants Olivia to have one of her visions. She gives her a photo of Kiki and a necklace. Olivia says that's not how the visions work and she hasn't had one in years.

When things get heated Sonny, who's sitting at nearby table with Brick, gets up to step in. After Ava leaves, Olivia tells Sonny that Dante needs to be here for Lulu. Sonny tells Brick that Dante needs to be located without blowing his cover. Brick checks his sources, but none of them have any answers.

Ryan asks Alexis about the divorce because Laura hasn't finalized it yet. Alexis says she'll try to get things expedited. Ryan mentions the prenup. Alexis tells him she'll get him a copy. (I'm surprised by this since I thought the reason Kevin mentioned it would be that there wasn't one).

Alexis mentions needing more sessions with Kevin. but he says it's a conflict of interest since she's Laura's divorce lawyer.

Laura overhears Jordan tell Curtis she has a new suspect, but Jordan won't share the details with the mayor.

Franco tells Liz he was brought in for questioning because Jordan thinks he's the killer. He says it's hard to put his past behind him when dark things keep happening. (Aww, poor wittle serial killer is sad that the police think he's this serial killer.)

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Liz tells him to check in with Kevin, but Franco says Kevin dumped him. Franco doesn't want to go with another shrink. Liz tells him to try again with Kevin.

Lulu has a dream about that night, but whoever was at the door is still blocked. Jordan offers other methods of reaching the memory, but Laura refuses saying Lulu needs her rest.

Carly runs into Drew and works hard to convince him to get back together with Kim. He figures she just wants him away from JaSam, but Carly insists her concerns are for him. She says since he shares a past with Kim, it would be great for Oscar. Drew points out it could be worse if things don't work out.

Julian heads back to Kim's and swears he never meant to hurt her. Kim says he pulled away just when she needed him and swears the kiss with Drew meant nothing. Julian's sorry he messed things up, but he misses her. The two decide to get back together and share a kiss.

Drew stops by later. Kim happily tells him that she and Julian have made up.

Ava drops by Lulu's room to see if she's remembered anything. Lulu says she hasn't. Ava gets angry. She shows her a photo of Kiki. Ava says she'll never see her again. Laura is forced to kick Ava out of the room and ban her.

Laura catches up to Ava and berates her for attacking Lulu, which could set back her recovery. Ava says she's angry and sad. Laura says she understands the pain, but she can't attack Lulu again.

Jordan goes to Kevin to talk about Franco. She believes he's slipped into his old patterns and asks for Franco's records. Ryan says it would an ethical violation and refuses.

Lulu tells Curtis to have Jordan come back. Lulu tells Jordan she wants to try different options, like hypnotherapy.

Franco heads to Kevin's office and says his life is falling apart, and he needs Kevin's help. Ryan agrees to help Franco.