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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mia Confides in Phyllis

Gina Tognoni, Noemi Gonzalez

Gina Tognoni, Noemi Gonzalez

Here's a quick hit from Friday's The Young and the Restless.

Nikki wakes up and thinks someone's been in the house sneaking around. She can't find Katie. Victor moves into action and mobilizes his security force. They look all over, but can't find her.

Mia bumps into Arturo at Crimson Lights. He's upset about her behavior at his engagement party. She admits she got tipsy, but apologized to Abby. He tells her to back off and let him be happy.

Mia admits she's jealous that Arturo proposed. She rehashes their past and says she has a hard time watching him give his heart to someone else. She apologizes for how she acted and promises to behave moving forward.

Lola stops by the Abbott mansion. Kyle leads her to the living room and surprises her with a sushi lunch. She wonders if Kyle's really good for her or if he's trying to hide his feelings for Summer.

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Billy pops over to Jabot. Phyllis informs him that Summer's back in town. She warns him to stay away from her. Billy says that won't be a problem. When Billy complains about being shut out of Victoria's life, Phyllis advises him to just leave her alone. She tells him when she's at work, she's not his buddy, psychologist, or ex, but his boss.

Victoria comes to the ranch. Nikki tells her she thinks someone's in the house. Victoria starts to panic. When she asks, Victor says he hasn't called the police. Nick stops by to lend a hand (or take over, I can't tell).

Billy's the next visitor to the ranch. He wants an update about what's being done for Katie. He tells the Newmans he can't let this wandering child end up like Delia. Victor yells at Billy to stop when he starts to call the police. In the hallway, Billy and Victoria debate about calling the police. They realize they can hear Katie behind the walls.

Mia goes to Jabot to work on Phyllis. Phyllis tells her if they talk, it will be in confidence. Phyllis deduces that Mia isn't as happy with Rey as she seems. She wonders about Mia's connection to Arturo. Mia starts talking. Phyllis encourages her to move forward with her love for Rey. If she pursues Arturo, she may get him, but will lose everything she built in the process.

Where's Katie?: