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Another World: Carmen Duncan Dead at 76

Carmen Duncan

Carmen Duncan, best known in the United States for her turn as Iris Cory Carrington Wheeler on Another World, has died from thyroid cancer. She was 76. Duncan had a television career in her home country of Australia and the US that spanned over 50 years. 

She was featured in Australia-based shows such as Number 96, Certain Women, and Skyways. In the US, Duncan spent six years playing the role of Iris on the beloved NBC soap opera

Duncan took over the role of Mac Cory's scheming daughter Iris in the late 1980s. The role was made famous by the late, great Beverlee McKinsey (1972-1981). Taking on that role and making it her own was no small task, but Duncan was up to the challenge. Her version of Iris was larger than life. She could often be found in her penthouse with her maid Vivien. 

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Many storylines stand out from Duncan's run, but the one that always comes to mind is the reveal of Iris as "The Chief". After being abroad for 8 years, Iris returned to Bay City with the knowledge that Mac Cory was her biological father. Iris decided the best way to win her father's affection was to almost destroy his life and swoop in to act as his savior. 

She set up a dummy company, Bennett Publishing, and attempted a takeover of Cory Publishing. The head of Bennett Publishing was referred to as "The Chief". Iris' plan went slightly awry as she was also responsible for her father's arrest for attempted murder. The scene where Iris confesses her role of "The Chief" to Mac is an episode that never fails to elicit goosebumps. 

Duncan's Iris exited Bay City in 1994 when she was sent to prison for the attempted murder of Carl Hutchins at his wedding to Rachel Cory. Soap watchers may remember her very last appearance on a US soap was her three days as Lisa Grimaldi on the long-running CBS soap opera, As The World Turns. 

Iris confesses to Mac: