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Days of Our Lives Recap: John Black Confirms That Diana Cooper Is Diana Colville!

Judith Chapman, Drake Hogestyn

Judith Chapman, Drake Hogestyn

We begin our day in Salem with Chloe freaking out over El Fideo's bloody knife, and Stefan trying to both get out of that lounge chair and calm her down. Just then, goons with guns burst in. They want to kill Chloe in exactly the way she murdered El Fideo! Stefan seems perplexed. As El Fideo's goons hold Chloe and Stefan at gunpoint, Stefan waxes poetic about his father, Stefano DiMera. They've heard of him. Stefan is palming a blade while he continues to try and talk them down from exacting their revenge on Ms. Lane. Just then, goon #1 attempts to stab Chloe, Chloe ducks, then Stefan gives him a karate chop (not really), and takes him out. 

In Horton Square, Claire tries to convince Tripp that she is sorry for plotting with Ben. She thinks Tripp should be flattered that she plotted with the former serial killer - that was clearly not the right move. When Tripp tries to play the "you made me lose Ciara" card, Claire reminds him that he did that all on his own. Tripp continues down the very familiar, "Ben is a danger to everyone" road, which prompts Claire to remember Ben grabbing her arm and calling her "a little bitch."

Side Note: The extended flashback reminds me that I love how Claire doesn't show she is unnerved by Ben until after he leaves. 

Wait, now. Is Tripp equating planting Ben's fingerprint on a can of accelerant to Claire and Ben's high school plot to break up him and Ciara? What? Um, no, Tripp, that's not the same thing. Tripp backs off and Claire is relieved he doesn't think she is "a total monster." Claire wants a second chance and Tripp just wants to be friends. Claire Bear reminds him the friend ship has sailed. Tripp is willing to give their relationship another chance as long as she doesn't tell anymore lies. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Say other funny things, Tripp. 

Claire informs Tripp after their "lovemaking" - FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WHY ARE WE STILL SAYING LOVEMAKING - she was inspired to write a song. That must have been some primo love in the afternoon. 

At the Salem Inn, Diana opens her door to find Roman, I mean John Black, on the other side. John reveals to us what we pretty much knew already. Diana Cooper is, in fact, Diana Colville! They both reveal they've done their homework as Diana tells John she knows he is no longer Roman. John wants to know what happened to her since she left town without saying goodbye. Diana tells him that she ran into Marlena. They had drinks - "well, Marlena had coffee." She goes on to tell John that she didn't reveal herself to Marlena because she didn't know what she knew - being that Marlena was "dead" when she was last in town. 

John informs Diana his visit is really about her son, Leo. He just saw Leo when he tried to hit on his son, Brady. Diana mistakenly thinks Brady is gay. John lets her know he does have a gay son - just not Brady. Diana relays that "restraint has never been Matthew's forte." John continues to reminisce with Big Daddy and tries to convince her to share some information that will help Sonny and Will get rid of Leo. Just then, Leo knocks on the door and wants to know if they've been talking behind his back. Diana explains that she and John have known each other for a long time. Leo looks somewhat shaken. 

After John exits, Diana explains to Matthew they used to be "romantically involved."

Hope, Ted, and Marlena continue to do rounds about Ben Weston at the Salem PD. Hope and Ted try to reason with Marlena that Ciara is missing and Ben poses a threat. Marlena is having none of their foolishness and tries to exit when Ted mentions he will get a court order. Marlena is trying to abide by her client/patient confidentiality . . . Ted, not so much. Marlena eventually capitulates a bit and reveals she saw Ben earlier. He admitted he missed a dose or two of his meds. Of course, that information prompts Fancy Face to falsely accuse Ben, AGAIN, of harming Ciara the last time he was off his meds. 

Hope and Ted make their way over to Not the Salem Inn to go through Ben's room, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT! I believe that's called breaking and entering, right Fancy Face? Ben of course, walks in and rightfully wonders "What the hell is going on?" Hope informs Ben that Ciara is missing, but SHOCKINGLY doesn't believe he has no knowledge. 

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At the Brady Pub, John meets Marlena to catch up on their day. They talk about their conversations with Diana. John informs her that Diana Cooper is really Diana Colville, his ex from when he was Roman. 

Side Note: I still wish somebody would tell Hope to have several seats about Ben. Paging Melinda Trask. Melinda!

At the cabin, Ciara begs her black gloved captor to reveal themselves! Over these several scenes where Ciara is struggling against the ties that bind her, the only thing I am thinking is, WHAT IS SHE WEARING? Is it a sweater? Is it a long sleeved shirt? I'm totally confused.

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Chloe and Stefan standing over goon #1, who is not actually knocked out. He reaches for a gun and fires!

At the Salem Inn, Leo wants to know if Mama D is wanting to start things up with John again. She protests by saying he is a "happily married man." Leo scoffs by saying, "that never stopped [her] before."

At the Brady Pub, John and Marlena continue to discuss Diana and surmise she must have had Leo soon after she left Salem . . . 

In Horton Square, Tripp has to get back to work, but wants to provide her with more "inspiration" after work. Claire informs Tripp that Ciara is back from South Africa, but Grandma Hope is worried because nobody knows where she is. 

At Not the Salem Inn, Hope and Ted continue to illegally berate Ben, and reveal that Marlena broke his confidentiality. Ben says that both Dr. Evans and Hope can go to hell. 

Side Note: I hope Ben Weston sues the Salem P.D. and OWNS. ALL. OF. SALEM'S THINGS. 

Finally, Ciara's gag and blindfold are removed to reveal . . . JORDAN RIDGEWAY! Ciara looks confused . . . join the club. 

We have come to the end of another day in Salem, USA. Why is Jordan at the cabin? What are Diana's plans for Leo/Matthew, John/Roman, and Marlena? What else did you find interesting? Sound off in the comments!