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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Sparks Lulu's Memory on General Hospital

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Briana Nicole Henry, Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Briana Nicole Henry, Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Both Laura and Jordan want to be in the room when "Kevin" hypnotizes Lulu. Ryan says the sessions are private and they may uncover something personal. Laura insists while Jordan claims it will all remain confidential.

Ryan refuses, saying it will hinder the process and Lulu needs complete focus. Lulu says she trusts "Kevin" professionally. Jordan backs off, but wants the session recorded. Again, Ryan says there are patient privacy laws. Laura and Jordan relent and allow Lulu to be alone with "Kevin".

Carly's loses her temper when Jason tells her that he and Sam are breaking up. Jason says they're only pretending and explains about Sam's history with Shiloh. Carly worries that Kristina is in danger, but Jason assures her they are keeping an eye on things.

Nina's thrilled when Valentin arranges for Sasha to come for a visit. When Nina leaves the room, Valentin reminds Sasha that Nina can't ever know they aren't mother and daughter. Sasha says she'll do her part, but he's not in charge anymore.

Sasha says she wants a real relationship with Nina. Valentin warns her to stay away from Liesl. Later, Nina tells Sasha that Valentin proposed, which doesn't seem to sit well with Sasha.

Maxie tells Peter she has someone who wants to write a medical advice column for The Invader. Peter's interested until he finds out that it's Liesl. Liesl has samples of her work. Maxie pleads Liesl's case and asks Peter to at least read the samples.

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Peter actually likes Liesl's writing, so he agrees to hire her on a trial basis. Maxie's happy and Liesl realizes that Peter is the reason Maxie removed her wedding rings. Liesl is upset that Maxie is taking up with the man who brought Nathan's killer to town.

Maxie says she trusts Peter because he's proven himself to her and he's James' uncle. Maxie warns Liesl to behave, so she accepts Peter's job proposal. Later, Maxie thanks Peter. The two almost kiss, but are interrupted by a call.

Liz and Franco take Aiden skating. Franco tells her about his session with "Kevin". The two talk about how much Kiki meant to him. Liz knows that Franco isn't a killer. Brad and Lucas happen to show up. Franco realizes Liz set this up so the couple could hang out with Aiden and show him that it's normal to be a gay couple. Franco thanks Liz for having him in her life and assures her it will all be okay.

Laura asks Jordan about her suspicions of Franco. Jordan says there is a problem with his alibis, but the evidence is circumstantial. Jordan asks Laura's thoughts on Franco. She admits anything is possible.

Liesl, weirdly, decides she wants Carly to comp her a meal in celebration of her employment. Carly snarks her out, so Liesl comments that Carly's pain must come from the death of her grandson. Liesl mentions meeting Nelle in passing. After she leaves, Jason questions how Liesl would have known Nelle. (Dumb mistake on Liesl's part, unless she somehow wants the truth to come out. Or this show feels that Carly and Jason aren't involved in enough storylines.)

Ryan places Lulu under hypnosis and walks her through the night she was attacked. Lulu goes through her talk with Laura and the phone call with Peter. She mentions the list of Ryan's nine victims. Ryan corrects her and says there were only seven. Lulu remembers someone at the door, but can't see his face. Ryan talks to her some more.

Lulu suddenly remembers the man in her office as Franco.