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Shemar Moore on Kristoff St. John "You Showed Me the Way, You Were My Inspiration"

Shemar Moore, Kristoff St. John

Shemar Moore, Kristoff St. John

The Young and the Restless alum Shemar Moore posted an emotional tribute to his former onscreen brother, Kristoff St. John. Moore is best known for his role as sexy bad boy photographer Malcolm Winters, the younger half brother to St. John's Neil. He played the role from 1994-2005, and returned for a guest stint in 2014.

Moore shared a heart-wrenching Instagram video discussing how much he learned from St. John.

Moore stated,

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Mr Kristoff St. John, I lost my brother yesterday. I never had a brother but you were my brother. You showed me the way, you were my mentor you were my inspiration you showed me what true talent was you showed me what humility was. I love you I hate this, I love you but I'm going to celebrate all your good. To my Y&R fam Kristoff St. John aka Neil Winters celebrate this man. The most popular iconic black man in soap opera daytime history. Give him that he earned it.

Watch the entire video below