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Days of Our Lives Recap: What the Hell Is Wrong with Jordan?

Chrishell Hartley

Chrishell Hartley

We begin our day in Salem with Hope continuing her campaign to lose her job and end up in Statesville. She and Ted continue to berate Ben about Ciara's whereabouts. Ben actually tries to do some police work by asking Hope all of the questions that might actually help locate Ciara. Maybe Ben should join Black Patch since he's somewhat of an expert of killing and burning, etc.

Oh wait, now Hope is committing another crime by assaulting Ben and screaming at him to tell her where her daughter is. Fancy Face ain't playing. Ben challenges Hope to arrest him. Of course, she can't, but she does threaten him before she exits with Ted. 

Side Note: I think it is nighttime in Salem . . . Has Hope been taking Ambien again? As bad as nighttime Hope was. it would at least lend some explanation to her corrupted ways. 

Meanwhile, Ciara is being de-gagged by Ben's sister, Jordan. Ciara wastes no time being shocked and asks Jordan to untie her. Jordan wants to ask her questions about how she got to the cabin and how in the world could she trust her "crazy" brother. Ciara doesn't seem to be buying what she's selling. Smart girl. Jordan goes on to explain she heard from Theo Carver - how? - that she was on the way back from South Africa AND she knows how Ben thinks. Also, she is now refusing to untie Ciara. She just continues to explain to Ciara that Ben is a "psychopath" and they don't change. Ciara doesn't want to argue. She just wants to get out of the ties that bind her - and that sweater - and go home. 

Side Note: That cabin looks awfully solid for having burned twice. Who owns that cabin? 

Ciara is getting a little pissy and yells at Jordan to untie her. Jordan snaps at her and tells her to sit still. Ciara is on to her. While Jordan refers to growing up in Clyde's house and what that would do to anyone, Ciara confronts her with the truth. Jordan kidnapped her. 

At the Horton residence, Julie is explaining to Abs that she and Doug were going to "Netflix and chill", but he fell asleep before the "chill" part could commence. Poor, Julie. Abs looks somewhat scandalized, probably because it has been a red hot minute since she has commenced with any chilling . . . Since Julie didn't get to sample any of Doug's Netflix queue, she decides to push Abigail about her relationship with Chad. Abigail quickly grows frustrated that Julie doesn't understand why she won't just cave and take him back. 

Julie decides to take a different approach by reminding Abigail that GABI HERNANDEZ is responsible for all of this mess. What took you so long, Julie? Abigail tells Julie she's called a truce with Gabi and, by the way, Chad isn't innocent in all of this. We're going in circles now. 

Abigail's most likely chill partner, Chad, is relaxing at the DiMera mansion over a game of solitary chess. Kate walks in to make sure he and Stefan haven't killed each other. Chad wants Kate to exit, but she wants to tell him how she tried to lobby for him at DiMera. Chad very calmly lets her know that he has zero f**** to give. Kate wants to know what his plans are for DiMera Enterprises and she is dumbstruck he offered to quit for Abigail. Chad tries to explain he has a lot to make up for, but Kate reminds him she has been no angel. She continues by trying to explain to Chad if Abigail doesn't take him back, he'll be left with nothing. Kate tries to convince him not to give up by referring to Stefan as "Vivian Alamain's bastard son."

Side Note: By Kate's definition, aren't there a lot of "bastard" children wandering around Salem?

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Over at Doug's Place, it is El Fideo Goon #1 who has just busted a cap in Stefan's arm. As he is about to finish him off, Stefan jumps up and attempts to wrestle the gun away from him. Eventually, Stefan stabs Goon #1, then realizes he's been shot. 

Julie should have taken Doug over to the boarding house. It's where Lani and Eli are basking in the afterglow of some "chilling" and whispering "I love you" to each other. Whilst afterglowing, they recount their first-time revenge sex and ill-fated pregnancy. You know, what most couples do when they bask. A phone call interrupts their post-coital bliss. It is a report of Stefan's shooting - the original site of ELani's foreplay. 

Eli and Lani arrive at Doug's Place and Lani spends a minute explaining Stefan's Miami Vice joke . . . then we continue. Chloe explains about El Fideo and Goons #1 and #2. Lani calls an ambulance that Stefan doesn't want. Eli explains there will be A LOT of paperwork if Stefan bleeds out. It appears Eli has forgotten that Hope is his boss and Stefan is a "bad guy." No paperwork will be necessary. Chloe is beside herself as she tells ELani the Salem PD can't protect her if those goons want her dead. Chloe speaks the truth. 

At the Salem PD, Hope explains official police business to Ted. She tells him it is okay for him to stay because Eli and Lani have everything under control. Hope takes a call about the shooting at Doug's Place and then gets back to the real issue - BEN. WESTON.                  For the love . . . Now, even Ted is trying to reason with Hope. He believes Ben when he says he cares about Ciara. She and Ted bond over her desire for her daughter to be okay. 

In Horton Square, Ben is wandering around and confronts Random Dude #1 to ask if he is not supposed to know he is an undercover cop? I love Ben. Back at his hotel room, Ben looks at that oddly creepy picture of him and Ciara and wonders where she is. 

Back at the cabin, Jordan is just beside herself trying to explain to Ciara that no one can do anything about Ben but her. She disses Fancy Face and shades Ciara for not thinking of the other people who are in danger, like Abigail. Jordan doesn't have time for Ciara's foolishness, grabs her coat, and rushes out the door. 

Eli calls Julie to let her know that there has been a shooting at Doug's Place and "a man is dead." As she leaves, she manages to relate that back to how Abigail should take Chad back. At the same time, Kate gets a text alert about the shooting. Both Kate and Chad look somewhat bored by the news about Stefan. 

At University Hospital, Chloe visits Stefan. She explains that she called her mother Nancy, who has taken the children to New York. 

Back at the Salem PD, Hope is still not investigating the shooting and has pulled footage from the airport to unofficially investigate the kidnapping she has no evidence has happened. 

At "Not the Salem Inn", Ben tries to call Ciara, but she is tied up at the moment. He leaves a message that will very clearly be used as evidence someday, that Hope will inevitably not believe. Ciara tries to reach her phone, but that damned Jordan has done a really good job on those knots. 

At that very moment, Abigail wonders who could be at the door so late. It's Jordan. 

We have come to the end of another day in Salem. What did you think? What will happen when Abigail invites Jordan in? Will Julie ever ask anyone how Chloe is? Sound off in the comments!