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WATCH: Eric Braden On Kristoff St. John "He Was A Good Man"

Eric Braeden, Kristoff St. John

Eric Braden gave an emotional account of his friendship and working relationship with Kristoff St. John. The Young and the Restless actor appeared on Extra and discussed what it was like for him working with St. John over the years along with his Y&R co-stars. Braeden stated,

Kristoff was a hell of a guy, a man’s man, a damn good actor, loved everyone, everyone loved him, the most charming and gregarious co-worker we ever had.

Braden also revealed how St. John started to transform once his only son Julian, 24 died in 2014. According to Braeden,

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At first he seemed okay, almost as if nothing happened, and I thought, 'He is suppressing something deeply…' He began to succumb under the weight of that until it ended in his death.”

Watch the emotional interview below.