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WATCH: Susan Lucci Reveals Heart Health Scare

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci

Soap legend Susan Lucci is imploring women to "Listen to your symptoms and act on them" after a recent health scare she had. Lucci is best known for her role as vixen Erica Kane on the defunct soap All My Children. She revealed in a recent interview with Good Morning America that she was treated in October for two blocked arteries in her heart. According to Lucci, she felt some discomfort in her chest, but didn't think it was serious. The actress then stated,

I was actually in a boutique. And I suddenly felt what I had heard someone on a TV interview years ago, a woman says that she, leading up to a heart attack, had felt like an elephant was pressing on her chest.

Lucci was rushed to the hospital by the store manager where she discovered one of her arteries was already 90 percent blocked and the other one was 75 percent blocked. Thankfully, once the tests results showed the issue, Lucci had stents put in the same night, and is doing well. 

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Watch the interview below.