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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Zoe Wants to Know Why Reese Flew the Coop

Katrina Bowden, Kiara Barnes

Katrina Bowden, Kiara Barnes

Here is a quick hit from today's The Bold and the Beautiful:

Zoe is at her father's apartment talking to Flo. She asks why Flo is there if Reese isn't. She assures Flo her father won't leave her hanging and will contact her. She tells Zoe about what Reese meant to her. Zoe wonders about the nature of their relationship. Zoe wishes her father stayed in LA.  She tries to get intel from Flo about why her father took off with nary a warning.

Hope is having a hard time getting back to work. Brooke encourages her to get involved in work, but understands Hope's grief doesn't have a timeline. Hope gathers her team to tell them "Hope For The Future" is getting some cash and support. Hope acknowledges she will have to go public about the loss of her daughter.

Hope writes something up and Katie tells her not to change anything. When she starts talking about the direction of the line and how it needs to move into the future, she flashes back to the night of her delivery. She hears voices in her head and starts freaking out. Katie tries to comfort her. She regains her composure and carries on.

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At the same time, Brooke goes to visit Steffy. She wants to see Phoebe. Steffy lets Brooke hold her.

Zoe and Flo:

Hope at Forrester/Brooke at Steffy's: