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The Young and the Restless Recap: Neil Swoops In and Saves Devon's Night

Kristoff St. John, Bryton James

Kristoff St. John, Bryton James

Here's a quick hit from today's The Young and the Restless.

At the GCAC, Devon is happy to see Ana's party is coming along. He admits it's Fen's coming out party (it's not what you think) and how he acts is a reflection of HWG and Devon personally. Ana reaches out to Fen by text.

Mariah stops by the GCPD to see Sharon, who's manning the online crime tip line. Mariah tells Sharon that Tessa got a job working for Lola and Abby. She fills her in on what Sharon needs to do if she's questioned about Tessa's termination. She promises to behave and goes back to the computer.

A tipster sent a message they have proof that Victor's a murderer. The file has a voice recording that casts both Victor and Nick in a bad light. Just then, Rey walks in. He advises Sharon that she can't delete any messages because they're already logged. She asks to take her dinner break.

At Crimson Lights, Lola is busy working when Kyle shows up. He's concerned she's burning herself out. She gets snide while defending herself. Dr. Kyle prescribes a date night just to break up her work time. She agrees he may be right.

Neil stops by the club to lend his support to Devon. He's happy to see him refocused on what's important. Devon admits he couldn't have done it without Ana. Devon says he's taking his meds and going to therapy. Neil says he's proud of how he's handling his life.

(Side Note: This was Kristoff St. John's last episode. If you missed it, you can watch it online at

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Summer is harassing Fen to hang out, but he tells her Ana needs him. Summer encourages him to go, but he admits he gets stage fright and wants to wait until he has to be there.

Kyle, Lola, Tessa, and Mariah are on a double date. They have an hour to kill before their movie. Summer decides the six of them should hang out. Things get tense pretty quickly between the two rivals. Fen ignores another one of Ana's texts.

Summer steamrolls the group with pics of Fen and Kyle, making everyone uncomfortable. In a bit, Lola says she's too tired to make it through a movie, but the three of them can go. Kyle thinks it's because Summer knew about the pics and Lola didn't. Their conversation gets really loud and everyone can hear them, even the no sex part. Kyle tries to ease her concerns, but no dice. She storms out.

Sharon goes to see Nick at Dark Horse. She tells him about the tip that came to the police department. They try to determine how the recording will be interpreted. Nick says he doesn't remember it and thinks it was edited to make them look bad (because otherwise they wouldn't).

Nick tells Sharon about Katie behind the wall and all the security equipment found there. Sharon wonders if it's really J.T. or someone else on Victor's long list of enemies. Nick asks if she will delete the file, even though she's putting her neck on the line telling him what the police have on them. Back at the station, Sharon brings the recording to Rey's attention. He thanks her and says she did the right thing.

Devon goes to Ana and wonders where Fen is. He's gathered some big names and doesn't need Fen to be late and blow it for him. He makes a phone call for Fen to come right away. Fen gets the voicemail and runs out. Back at the GCAC, Devon decides to pull the plug. He has to make an announcement about the new act, who didn't show up. Neil wonders why it's not Ana who's singing. Neil wants her to make an exception to her rule and sing to save Devon's ass. As Devon's goes to make an announcement, Ana steps forward and sing's Fen's song.

Sharon and Rey: