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Perkie's Observations: Scott Is Ready to Defend His Son on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Kin Shriner

Roger Howarth, Kin Shriner

At the police station, Franco tells Jordan that he wants a lawyer and promises he'll sue her and the entire PCPD. Jordan counters he'll be remanded to Pentonville with no bail.

Liz is upset to find Chase and some officers tearing apart the art studio. Griffin drags her away. Liz explains to Griffin that Franco was arrested and Lulu must be confused. She says she knows Franco didn't do it because he wouldn't throw his life away.

Alexis tells Scott the rest of Gail's will is being released on April 1st, but Scott doesn't know the significance of that date. Scott gets the call from Liz about Franco and heads to the station.

Ava shows up at Ryan's office asking who was arrested. She says he should have called her to give her a heads up. Ryan says the accused hasn't been named yet to protect them from retribution.

Ryan says he would do anything for her, but initially refuses to tell her who was arrested. Chase walks in with a warrant asking for the suspect's file, which Ryan gives up. Ava begs to know who was arrested. She can't believe it's Franco.

Ava asks if Ryan knew this was coming. Ryan says he managed to help Lulu unblock her memories and she identified Franco. Ava still can't believe it. Ryan reminds her she wanted to catch Kiki's killer. Ava says it doesn't feel right because Franco is not capable of killing Kiki.

Ava asks if Ryan noticed that Franco was unravelling. Ryan says he took Franco back as a patient and admits that he saw signs that Franco could become violent. Ryan says it hadn't reached levels of informing the authorities.

Ava questions his judgement and starts to leave. Ryan grabs her by the arm and tells her not to walk away from him. Ava glares, so he backs off and apologizes. Ava says she doesn't like him right now and storms off. Ryan angrily throws everything off his desk.

Terry meets with Kim, Drew, and Oscar with the latest test results. She shows them the tumor has not grown since the last scan. Terry explains it's temporary retrieve, but Oscar is happy and heads out to see Joss.

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Terry tells Drew and Kim she'll continue to monitor Oscar, but his prognosis remains the same. She says he will eventually deteriorate and they need to plan for that. Later, Kim tells Drew they need to make plans and he agrees to help her figure it out.

Joss is, guess where, you're right, at Charlie's Pub, so she can snark out Julian in his place of business. She's happy with her meddling that forced Julian to back off so Oscar can have both his parents present. Julian says he regrets letting her mess with his head and the joke's on her since he's back together with Kim.

Oscar arrives and wants to know what's up with Joss and Julian. Joss admits she made Julian break up with Kim so his parents could be together. Oscar tells her to let his parents do whatever they want.

Sonny runs into Margaux and warns her not to let Franco walk away from this charge. Margaux tells him to back off so he doesn't taint her case.

Sonny spots Alexis and joins her. They discuss Shiloh and how strange DOD is. Alexis admits Kristina seems happier and they're getting along better. She tells Sonny that she did one of the seminars on relationships. Sonny asks her about Julian, but Alexis says he's with Kim and she's fine with that. Later, Alexis spots Kim and Julian kissing and doesn't look happy.

Scott gets to the station. Jordan tells him Lulu identified Franco and he's in a lot of trouble. Scott talks to Franco and tells him Liz's house was searched and the kids were present. This upsets Franco, who wants his father to get him released.

Jordan tells Margaux that Franco's alibi is thin and there is no DNA evidence. The two tell Franco they have "Kevin's" notes on him. They paint a picture of someone who's unravelling and full of blood lust.

Franco refuses to believe that "Kevin" would have written that. Scott reminds the women they don't have any evidence against Franco. Chase shows up. He tosses the licenses on the desk and says they were recovered in the art studio.

Liz gets to the station in time to see Scott. He tells her they are bringing additional charges against Franco for the deaths of Mary Pat, Peyton, and Kiki.

Ava runs into Griffin and can't believe that Franco could be the killer. The two share a hug, which angry Ryan witnesses. (Dear Griffin, please sleep with one eye open!)