The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Zoe Calls Flo's Lies and She Folds Fast

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Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden

Here is a quick hit from Friday's The Bold and the Beautiful:

Flo comes out the bedroom packing heat. She's surprised to find Zoe in her apartment. Zoe found the paperwork that shows Steffy adopted Flo's baby girl. Flo lies and says she did have a baby. Zoe asks about her birth date and doctor, neither of which Flo bothered to learn. Zoe demands to see her body. When Flo refuses, Zoe opens her robe. She tells Flo she doesn't look like she had a baby at all. Zoe demands to know what's happening and how it involves Steffy's baby.

Sally and Wyatt are in bed again. She's being hard on herself for getting Hope a puppy instead of flowers. She wonders if she was raised by wolves. Sally admits she has no idea what kind of loss Hope is feeling.

Sally brings up how Steffy and Hope always seem to be in competition with each other. It always seems to be someone or something . . . Liam, opposing fashion lines at work, family drama, and now a baby. Steffy 2, Hope 0. Wyatt says Steffy was lucky her adoption went so quickly. Sally says she really is happy for Steffy, but questions the universe's curse on Hope.

Flo and Zoe:

Sally and Wyatt: