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The Young and the Restless Recap: The Newmans Prepare For Victor's Trial

Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Amelia Heinle, Joshua Morrow

Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Amelia Heinle, Joshua Morrow

Here's a quick hit from Friday's The Young and the Restless.

Michael is sitting at the GCAC bar watching the news about Victor's upcoming murder trial. Pan to scenes of various Genoa City residents watching the same news story. Nikki's worry face is quite prominent when Victor switches off the TV.

Sharon's moved by Victor's noble gesture of stepping up to die in prison for his (serial killer) wife Nikki. Mariah thinks Victor is so self-deluded that he can beat the charges against him. Sharon concedes he's done a lot of bad things, but him going to prison is wrong. Sharon gets a text from Nick. He's called a family meeting and wants her at his Dark House pronto.

At the Dark House, Victoria thinks Phyllis should be grateful. Phyllis (of course) doesn't agree. She reminds her about the hell Victor put her and Jack through. (No dice sister.) Abby arrives and says she has a plan. She thinks she can use her PR savvy to throw a shiny bauble at the press to get them off Victor's tail. Abby says her plan hinges on Arturo's participation.

Later, at Crimson Lights Arturo questions Abby's motives about putting their wedding plans on public display. Mia shows up and intervenes. The couple make a hasty retreat to get Abby's plan off the ground.

Sharon and Mariah arrive at Dark House. Sharon admits she's not thrilled with the way things are playing out. Victoria comments that no one is except Phyllis, who trades barbs with Sharon as well. (Props to Sharon for using the word haranguing.)

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Sharon has a plan to free Victor and protect Nikki. She feels they need to find who is behind the set up. She thinks the person can't be trusted to stay quiet and they could all end up in hot water anyway. As for Nikki, Sharon thinks they should come forward to admit Nikki's role was in self-defense to protect her daughter's life. No one likes that idea. They think they will all end up in the slammer, especially with Christine driving the prison bus.

Abby arranges for clothes and a known fashion photographer to help them kick off the lavish road to their wedding. (Re: a shiny bauble). She and Arturo wait for them at the Abbott mansion.

Victor and Nick are talking about protecting their family. Victor admits he doesn't trust Arturo, but Nick doesn't have an issue with him. Victor says he's happy that he and Nick are on the same side.

Victor has a moment with the rest of his family before Michael, Christine, and Rey show up. They get ready to escort him off the ranch. Just as Victor is handcuffed, Nikki blurts out she needs to tell Christine something.

Nikki just can't hold it together:

Here's a sneak peek for next week: