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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh's Cool With Drew's Lost Memories on General Hospital

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Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Billy Miller

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Billy Miller

Ryan and his syringe are interrupted from whatever plan he had for Griffin when Ava shows up looking for him. Ava says she found the notice regarding the commemorative brick for Kiki on "Kevin's" desk. She thanks him for the lovely gesture.

After Griffin leaves, Ava apologizes to "Kevin" for jumping down his throat. She knows he was trying to protect Franco. Ryan says he didn't think Franco would do anything dangerous. Ava believes Franco, which means the real killer is still out there. She wants "Kevin" to tell the police they have the wrong man.

Alexis is surprised to find out that her bar friend is actually her new therapist, Dr. Neil Burns. Neil gives her a referral to someone else, since she's clearly uncomfortable. Alexis leaves, but then returns having decided that she might as well talk to him.

Alexis explains her feelings about seeing Julian with Kim. She admits she doesn't want a relationship with him, but she seems to be drawn to men like Julian. Alexis says it all started with her father, who never gave his love and was controlling. Neil says she should be treated for PTSD and she needs to start having healthy relationships.

Jason heads to Beechers Corners to meet with Harmony regarding Dawn of Day. He questions why she's not with Shiloh in Port Charles. Harmony says Shiloh wanted to expand and she stayed behind to run this one.

Jason says he's concerned about a friend who's growing attached to Shiloh and falling for him. He asks how Shiloh handles these things. A police officer shows up. He tells Jason that he ran his license plate and he has an old murder arrest record in BC.

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Jason says those charges were dropped and he's done nothing wrong. Since the cop is a DOD member, Harmony sweet talks him and gets him to back off.

Drew runs into Sam and Carly. He tells them that Oscar's current situation is buying them more time, so Drew can spend some time getting reacquainted with Shiloh. Carly's hopeful that he'll get some leverage.

Carly and Sam discuss her plans for Shiloh. Carly calls him a sexual predator and wonders if Sam can con him. Sam says she just has to play along. She claims she knows what it's like to be used and she won't let that happen to Kristina.

Carly boohoos that JaSam won't be able to spend time together on Valentin's Day (seriously, she's far too involved in their sex life). Sam says the faster she solves this, the faster she can get Kristina out of there.

Drew heads to the DOD house to reconnect with Shiloh. The two discuss their past. Shiloh questions whether Drew can regain his old memories. Drew explains how he lost them and while there is a procedure to restore them, he doesn't want it. Drew tells Shiloh he would lose his current memories and relationships, and he won't do it. Shiloh seems relieved.

Sasha stops by to check on Griffin, who's sick and tired of people asking him how he is without Kiki. Griffin apologizes. He admits he's consumed by her death and he's lost focus because of the regret. Sasha mentions her own regrets and how she wants to do the right thing.

Ryan complains to Ava that she ran back to Griffin after their fight, but Ava swears she's done with Griffin. Ryan says he thought he lost her, and tells Ava she has his heart. The two say I love you.

Harmony calls Shiloh to let him know about Jason's visit. She says he didn't learn anything they didn't want Jason to know. Shiloh tells her they don't need to worry about Drew either. Jason tells Carly about his visit with Harmony, but he's certain that Shiloh will now be distracted by Sam and they can take him down.