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Perkie's Observations: Laura Wants Answers From Franco on General Hospital

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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Drew stops by Jordan's office to defend Franco. He says Franco isn't capable of doing this since he wasn't able to kill Jim Harvey. Jordan says they have evidence and Lulu remembers Franco attacking her.

Jordan says she's read Kevin's file and knows what Harvey did to Franco as a child. She admits if it were TJ, she'd want the predator killed. Drew says if Franco couldn't kill his molester, then he didn't do this. Jordan counters that Franco could have relapsed.

Liz is upset when Cameron gets home beaten and bruised. He says when kids at school found out about Franco, there was fighting. Liz says Franco didn't do it. Cam argues that she let Franco live with them and he's dangerous.

Liz says again that Franco is innocent. Cam says the police have evidence, but she wants to believe Franco's innocent. Cam asks how Aiden and Jake are supposed to deal with what's happening in school.

Nina announces to Peter and Maxie that she and Valentin are remarrying. She says Sasha helped changed her mind. Maxie congratulates them. After everyone leaves, Sasha says her intention was to convince Nina not to marry Valentin. Nina says he makes her happy.

Spencer's in town for Valentine's Day, but stops at Sonny's first to find out if Laura knows about his election tampering. Sonny tells him he needs to tell Laura the truth because he owes her that.

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Spencer however, doesn't want Laura to find out about his tampering. Sonny says Valentin knows the truth and it's not a good idea to let your enemies hold a secret over you.

Laura pays Franco a visit in lockup. He swears up and down he didn't attack Lulu. She says she believes Lulu's version of the story. Franco swears he's innocent and he has everything he wants.

Laura reminds him he strapped Lulu to a bomb. Franco understands why she thinks it was him this time. Laura mentions Kevin's sessions. Franco admits he told Kevin many things. Laura says she read Kevin's notes and they paint the picture of a monster. Franco says Kevin isn't the man he thought he was.

Valentin gets champagne to celebrate their engagement. Liesl interrupts. She's curious why they're celebrating. When Valentin tells her, Liesl mentions he's lucky Nina has a generous heart.

Maxie and Peter watch from afar. Maxie worries that Nina will get caught in the crossfire between Valentin and Liesl. Peter admits that Valentin asked him to drop the charges against Liesl and hire her. Maxie figures that means Liesl is blackmailing Valentin and it has to do with Nina and Sasha.

Liz gathers her boys to answer their questions. Drew arrives and pleads Franco's innocence. Jake says Franco hurt people before. Drew counters he was sick and wouldn't allow Franco to live with them if he thought Franco was a danger. Drew tells them he's spoken to Jordan. Liz thanks Drew for being in her corner.

Jordan and Curtis discuss the case and how things seem off. She believes the victims are connected, but Franco didn't really have anything against any of them. Curtis says there is a history of violence with Lulu, but it's too obvious.

Curtis wonders about the drivers' licenses since no one knew that detail. Jordan mentions there were no prints on them, not even the victims'. Jordan worries that Franco is innocent and the real killer is still out there.